Social Media Reacts to Devastating Islamabad-Pindi Storm

Yesterday, the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi — and across KPK and upper Punjab — had to face a powerful storm, one that spread quite a lot of damage in its path.

Apart from the damage to property, reports have put human casualties at 12 and dozens injured.

KPK and FATA were also affected by the heavy rains, with as many as 7 casualties across the province and tribal areas.

All affected areas also saw electricity outages as well, with some of them still not online.

Social media provided a blow-by-blow account of the destruction and havoc that the storm left in its wake.

Such strong winds are a rare occurrence in Islamabad:

So strong were the winds that they knocked over billboards and uprooted trees across the cities:

Centaurus Mall in Islamabad had a glass roof shattered, spreading panic amongst its visitors:

The Huawei head office also saw its walls collapsing:

But even in the midst of the ferocious storms, the city was not short of volunteers. Many people and NGOs stepped up:

Some places caught fires as well:

Some celebrities also tweeted their condolences:

All this was yesterday. When people woke up in Islamabad, they were greeted by these sights, thanks to the hard-working CDA workers who cleaned up after the storm:

But is the storm truly over? Or will the twin cities have to be vigilant about what the next few days hold for them:

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