A Startup in Dubai Has Made a $350k Supercar for Off-Roading

The market for Supercars is pretty saturated right now and it would be hard for any new entrant to duke it out with the likes of Bugatti, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, etc.

However, there never really has been a good contender for a Supercar for off-roading. A Dubai-based startup wants to change that with an ultra-expensive, monster of a car that is specifically designed for cruising over sand dunes found in the Gulf regions.

Meet SandRacer


Zarooq Motors, based in Dubai, is a car manufacturing startup co-founded by Mohammed Al Qadi, Iannis Mardell and Bruno Laffite. Al Qadi and Iannis are both veterans in the motorsporting field with decades of experience while Bruno is an ex-racer coming from a family of racers.

“There’s a strong demand for luxury off-road vehicles in the region,” says Al Qadi.

The startup has unveiled a prototype of their $350,000 worth supercar. Called the “SandRacer”, it has been built and designed in the UAE and takes its names from the “Schokari sand racer”, the fastest snake in the desert. The car is designed to survive the toughest conditions.

“It was born in the sands of Arabia but can go anywhere in the world. It is the fruit of the love of driving and racing,” he added.

The Zarooq SandRacer is hand built and is powered by a 3.5-litre V6, which will have access to 500bhp. A prototype of the car will be unveiled later this summer. It will cost a hefty $350,000 and a Dakar Rally pack will also be available for an additional $100,000.

Source— Forbes

    • Yaar.. I was enjoying the article, even had imagined a full feature of the vehicle on The Grand Tour or Top Gear.. But your comment consisting of a single line brought me down to earth like a damn meteorite..

      • Sir sir sir, really sorry but i was once in love with my mehran, and always want to see it in such articles :D

    • Bas aap jaise logoun ki pur zoor farmaish pe ek startup Mehran ko upgrade krne wali hai.
      Base price $599k hogi ;)
      New feature seat belts hoga

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