ASUS Debuts the Cheapest Freesync Monitor Yet

Monitors have been getting progressively better and more affordable over time. Good gaming monitors in particular have fallen in price.

Asus VG245Q is likely going to be one of the best options around if you are building a new gaming system on a budget. Costing $200, it comes with a 24-inch TN panel on the front, with 1080p resolution as well as AMD’s FreeSync tech for less frame-skipping and much smoother gameplay.

That’s not all, as the monitor also supports a refresh rate of 75Hz and a 1ms response time which should reduce motion blur and ghosting. There’s a contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1. Viewing angles of up to 170-degree and Low Blue Light will ensure longer sessions are in and that you don’t get uncomfortable.

Optimized for Gaming

ASUS has baked in the GameFast Input technology for further increasing the speed, as well as provide a GamePlus hotkey for showing options such as FPS counter, timer, display alignment and crosshairs on the go.

For connectivity, you get two low latency HDMI ports, as well as two DisplayPorts and a  VGA D-SUB, which makes it clear that PCs are not the only target market here. For those on an extremely tight budget, the dual 2 W speakers should lessen the need for speakers.

The adjustable stand allows room for tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjustment, while smarter cable management helps reduce clutter on your desk. For the non-gaming user, there are six pre-set options of viewing modes available based on your needs.

As said earlier, its $200 price-point makes the VG245Q one of the strongest offerings in the class. As with any budget monitor it is perhaps best to try it out yourself first. If you can manage without the two DisplayPort(s), there’s a VG245H monitor, which is basically the same but costs $180.

      • I’m not talking about that.
        What i’m saying is its a TN panel according to the article. And TN panels can never have 170 degree viewing angles !

  • 2 questions:
    1. is it available in Pakistan?
    2. is it good for Photoshop, what adobe color range it has?

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