PIA CEO Sent on Forced Leave

Pakistan International Airlines, that has been undergoing non-stop management issues, has it has sent its CEO, Mr. Bernd Hildenbrand, a German citizen, on forced leave.

Mr. Bernd will face an FIA inquiry during this leave, we have checked with sources.

An official order, a copy of which is pasted below, is issued on the matter. Chief Human Resource Officer — in the order — said that Bernd Hildenbrand will be proceeding on leave with effect from April, 6 2017 till April 20th, 2017.

“During the above mention leave period , currently Chief Financial Officer Nayyar Hayat, will look after the work of Acting Chief Executive Officer. “ The letter said.

According to the office order, the notification is issued by the competent authority.

Not to mention, according to PIA’s internal law and procedure CEO’s leave must be approved by Chairman PIA.

PIA spokesperson Danyal Galani refused to comment on the situation and said that he knows only what media already knows.

Bernd Hildenbrand is facing FIA inquiry on PIA’s Primer Service. He allegedly obtained A330 aircraft from Sri Lankan Airline on expansive term and conditions

FIA registerd a complaint against PIA management and Bernd Hildenbrand is nominated in the case. On the request of FIA Bernd Hildenbrand name is already on the exit control list.

During these 15 days FIA will summon the Bernd Hildenbrand and could possibly record his statement.