Apple No Longer Has the Best Laptops in the World: Report

LaptopMag has been releasing its list of best laptop brands for the past eight years, with Apple topping their list since the beginning. As it happens, the lukewarm release of the new MacBook Pro series has changed the trend dramatically.

In the publication’s 2017 report, Apple could only manage a paltry 5th position, after topping it ever since it’s launch in 2010. Out of a score of 100, it only managed 78.

Lenovo Tops The Charts

The best laptop brand was Lenovo this year around, which experienced a resurgence of its own after managing only 6th and 4th  positions in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Lenovo got a score of 90, ahead of Asus by 4 points which itself gained a spot 3 points above Dell.

HP and Acer made it to 4th and 5th with the latter tying with Apple. MSI, Razer and Samsung came after Apple, with Microsoft plummeting three drops to close the list at 10th.

LaptopMag gives a score out of 100 after looking at several factors with different weight-age assigned to each category. The factors include reviews (35), support (20), design (15), value & selection (15), innovation (10) and warranty (5), in that order.

Why Apple Dropped in the Rankings

While Apple scored evenly across the table, it lost out in ‘value and selection’ category where it scored only 6 out of 15 (although, that alone wouldn’t have stopped Lenovo’s resurgence).

Apple’s decision to dub the iPad Pro as a replacement for cheap laptops, its reluctance to update the MacBook Air, as well as the interesting but ultimately mediocre touchbar were the reasons why Apple lost ranking.

The lack of ports in the productivity-based MacBook Pro systems, as well as a relative lack of variation in the laptop segment ultimately led to the company’s downfall. With its tussle with Consumer Reports regarding the battery life issues still fresh, it is clear Apple needs to go back to the drawing board if it has to bounce back.

  • Maze ki baat 1st and 2nd par jo companies hain unko humare pas koi khas pochta nahi. Aur na hi khas resale wagera hai. HP/Dell hi ziyada hit hai humari market main tu. Correct me someone if I am wrong.

    • 99.9% Correct !

      ma khud HP k products use kerta hn

      From Laptop to USB Flash All in One HP :)

    • I would disagree with you. In my office all laptops are Lenovo and in other offices I visit I see mostly lenovo in Islamabad

      • Thanks for sharing your observation. Would you mind sharing that what kind of laptops are these? I mean are these new machines? Used? and if new then are these the latest ones or old. Just curios to know, want to see if people are buying heavy machines of the likes of Lenovo/Asus.

  • I don’t know if I completely agree with the stats or not, but I know that my last Apple laptop was was the 2008 MacBook Pro 15″ (the old C2D 2.4 GHz machine)
    After that I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad X201 in 2011 and maxed out configuration and used that until 2015.
    In 2015 I was looking for another machine and ultimately after considering all other machines, I ended up with Lenovo ThinkPad W541 and then maxed out its configuration as well in terms of storage and RAM, and since then I have never felt the need to upgrade to any newer machine so far.
    Maybe when its time to upgrade I may look for a machine in the P-Series of ThinkPad if anything better is not released by then, but I may stick with this one ugly looking but working as expected brand from Lenovo :)

    And yes, Apple machines do look cool on paper and also offer much better battery life, but practical or real-life usage is different and when it comes to that, ThinkPad (from Lenovo) is my personal choice, though everybody may not agree with me… :)

  • Lolx. Don’t know ye best laptops jaty kidr. Barmuda Triangle ya Antarctica me Shipping ho ri he in ki. Lenovo :) hahaha.

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