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Suzuki Mehran Gets a Price Increase & A New Security Feature

About a week ago, Suzuki increased the price for nearly all of its available cars in Pakistan, including all Mehran variants. Experts believe that the increase in Mehran’s price came as a consequence of a massive 53% drop in Pak-Suzuki profits during the past 9 months.

Effective from 10th April, the Suzuki Mehran has received yet another noticeable price hike.

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New Mehran Models Get Price Hike

Following the Rs. 5,000 increase last week, Suzuki Mehran’s both VX and VXR variants are seeing an increase of Rs. 24,000 this time.

The new prices of all Mehran models (inclusive of price hike) are mentioned below:

  • Mehran VX = PKR 679,000
  • Mehran VXR = PKR 732,000
  • Mehran VX CNG = PKR 749,000
  • Mehran VXR CNG = PKR 802,000

New Security Feature

This time, however, Suzuki has introduced a new feature alongside the price surge. All Mehran variants will now come with an Immobilizer.

An immobilizer is an electronic security device which prevents the car’s ignition from working until the original key (or a token) is present. This makes it nearly impossible for thieves to hot-wire a car.

An immobilizer or immobilizer key generally has an RF identification transponder which is verified automatically upon car ignition.

Suzuki hasn’t released any information regarding SRS airbags. This is important to mention because both immobilizer and SRS airbags features were made compulsory with the auto policy last year and companies were forced to incorporate such safety features. It seems that Suzuki is finally adding these features to conform with the new policy. It is hoped that the addition of SRS bags is also incorporated in their cars in the near future.

With the Mehran VXR touching 800,000 and noticeable price increase in the past few months, the car will become a tough sell since, at this price range, most imported Japanese cars have it beat on all fronts.

  • If suzuki had offered new models in past years, they wouldnt have been in a tough position like they are today. Now investment cost would be too much higher to introduce new models and keeping in view the junk they had been selling with absolutely rubbish after sales services i would say to be better off with japanese import.

  • humarey loog agar sirf aik Mahinay k liye inka kachra lena band kar dain tou aqal dhikanay ajaye gi inki aur qeematien berhana tou dur ki baat ulta ghatana shuru kar dain ge.

  • Hadd hai yar… Pata nai wo kon log hoty hain jo Mehra ly laity hain. Bhai agar itni zor say mehran ayi hoi hoti hai to 1, 2 maah wait kar k thory say paisy aur jorr kay japani car lay leni chahiye.

    • Khawaja sb hr koi eik do maah mein itny paisy nahin chaap skta. Logg kayi saal paisy jorny k bd gaari lety hain.

  • Ab mjh jaisy kisi ka agr budget hi 3 lac ho tu woh bechara yehi le skta hai naan.

    • khota gari sasti hai, aur mehran say behtar. thandi hawa bhi lagti hai agr chatri lga lo to

      • Funny. My point was Suzuki is benefiting from the miseries of people. Due to this point Mehran Resale Value will never drop unless some other Auto Players introduces a better but in same price alternative.

  • Bhai logon
    Bought it only because of two reasons
    Resale value
    Parts available
    P. S Through Bank it costed me 9.30 lakh

    • Sharif say bachay hotay tou Mehran kabhi na letey tum. Sari awam ko perishan kar diya hai tum nay.

        • Yar aik tou hutiyapay ka kaam kia hai tum nay oper say logon se sorry karnay k bajaye, bhes kar rahay ho. Propak users ko itna perishan kabhi nahi dekha mainay jitna tumharay Mehran leney pe huwey hain. Maafi maango sub se.

    • bro give any altrnate then?? any new car undr a million which can be bought frm a bank (on installments)??

    • Your words reflect your brought up. Go and sue Suzuki instead of blaming. You better start saving money and buy Audi for your self.

      • can any1 tell me k i booked my car 2mnths back and the expctd dlvry dt was 2nd april but still it has not cm due to this upgrade…will i hv to pay the new price or they will dlvr on the previous price?

      • O bhai ye awam nahi sudharne wali. Iss qoum ko kabhi mil k kisi ka bhi dimagh thikanay lagana nhi ae ga chahay wo politicians hon ya koi pvt. company. Sab isi trah apni bajwa k khush hain.

      • Energy Zaya nahin krni lakin Fazool mashwary hr jagah batny hain.

        You can give your point of view but you should not call anyone stupid because he thinks differently.

      • Bhai typical of you :). See from his view point who has INVESTED and brought this Chaand Gari,, what you suppose he will do now? bank will never let him go anywhere till he pay it all. #SavingHisDecision ,, aasaan alfaaz mai #Ta’sal’lee :)

  • can any1 tell me k i booked my car 2mnths back and the expctd dlvry dt was 2nd april but still it has not cm due to this upgrade…will i hv to pay the new price or they will dlvr on the previous price?

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