Zong Celebrates Terrific 9 Years, Becoming No.1 Data Network

It is a journey of remarkable success, from being the 5th and smallest operator in 2008 to being the No. 1 data telecom operator in a matter of 9 years is nothing but incredible.

With the ownership, research and investment of China Mobile Communications Corporation — the largest 4G telecom operator in the world — at an investment of more than $2.5B, Zong has seen phenomenal growth in a matter of a few years and has established itself as the fastest growing Telecom Company in Pakistan with hundreds of thousands of customers becoming part of the Zong family in a short span of time.

9 years on, Zong has more than 3.1 Million 4G customers, the highest in the industry, with a significant 75% share in 4G and the second highest number of 3G and 4G customers in Pakistan.

In the last 9 years, Zong has been the pioneer in leading the digital revolution in Pakistan, introducing high speed internet at affordable rates for the Pakistani people. With Zong’s widest 4G network spanning more than 300 cities of Pakistan, the company dedicated staff has worked day and night to revolutionize customer experience through cutting edge technology and fastest speeds.

Zong’s success can be attributed to its focus on customer centricity and ensuring the widest, strongest and most technologically advanced network nationwide.

In addition to Zong’s contributions in the Telecommunication sector of Pakistan, the company has played a pivotal role in the country’s socio-economic development. While bringing in the latest technology into the country and successfully leveraging it to create the 4G ecosystem all across the nation, it has created many business opportunities in the country as well through its direct investment supported by its parent company, China Mobile Communications Corporation.

Just in 2016, the company announced and executed an additional 1,000 4G sites on top of its original target, rattling the market and its competition.

The organization’s execution capability set a record by completing this target 3 months in advance while customers enjoyed top data download and nonstop streaming services across the country.

Over the years, Zong has been the clear choice of customers, especially for its data and excellent network coverage coupled with its fair and competitive commercial packages which the subscribers have loved again and again.

“Our customers are very important to us, we want to offer the best services at the most affordable rates with the widest and deepest network coverage throughout Pakistan”, said Zong’s CEO and Chairman Mr. Liu Dianfeng. “we will continue to expand our network and increase our coverage map with additional investment of $200M in 2017 alone, reaching our 4G site count to 10,000, the highest of any operator in Pakistan” he added.

Customers can now enjoy the best speed of mobile internet anywhere in Pakistan at the most affordable rates with the best network.

It is important to note that Zong is continuously adding more investment, more network sites to increase and enhance its data and voice quality network throughout the nation. This is one of the reasons that Zong is the market leader in terms of its data services.

Recently, due to the excellent 4G coverage and network speed, the company has launched many specific mobile applications and partnered with key online retailers like daraz.com to offer the best online services for its customers.

In many ways Zong’s ambition & the core desire is to revolutionize the lifestyle of Pakistani people by becoming an indispensable part of their digital lives. This includes connecting all but particularly the far flung areas of Pakistan where access to information and facilities is limited. In that way Zong continues to serve as a catalyst of growth in Pakistan’s economy.

  • uffff Allah itna bara jhot .pakistan ka tu nahi pata lekin hamaray city mein zong 3g ka ek tower hai tower k sath he signal up and down hotay rahatay han yahan tak keh network ki speed 25 se 75 kbps hai kabhi bikul 0 par beth jati hai south punjab ka koi city town aur village jahan zong ki 2g ki coverage achi hogi warna hal bhut bura hai.

      • Rehmat uncle Adnan bhai thek keh rahy han .zong ki indoor coverage bhut buri hai ziada tanz mat karen shere ho ya Gaoon operators poori fee wasool krty han tu customers ka haq hai keh unko service bhi badhya mile.main tu city mn rehta hoon zong ka bura haal hai mn ne kisi gaaon mn zong ki 2g service nhi dekhi 3g/4g tu door ki bat hai.


  • چینی چوروں کی تھکڑ سروس ہے لوٹ رہے ہیں عوام کو کھلے عام

  • Best Service in Lahore and Shakargarh. No signal drops. Where Mobilink struggles to get reception zong has full 4g signals.

  • Hahaha Ammir AttA khuda ka khauf kero. At least change the words direct copy paste mar dia hai email sai. At least repharse something to show its not a totally paid advert

  • Mr. Liu Dianfeng chairperson glad to notice the Press Release, and related sales promotion content. Sir, as you’re well aware Pakistan and China with deep ties of cooperation/collaboration and reciprocal support. Pakistan has supported Chinese technologies of TD/SCDMA 3G, and sponsored 4G LTE to be used by consumers of Pakistan. Today with the Chinese handset being major part of the handset ownership has supported the 4G/LTE spectrum which has necessiated the MOITT for comments from public for the Competitive elements by the consumers of Pakistan. We notice the 5G trails in Barcelona, the UK, and preprations are under way of 5G trails which are expected to support the driverless transport including trucking in Pakistan in collaboration with IRU. The Driverless Trucking is a prospective area which will help Pakistan with a hub of transit, ATA Carnet, and other multi modal transport.
    I suggest Mr. Dianfeng to please assure QOS in Pakistan as Pakistan has full faith, and sincerity in Zong, hence the trails of 5G is evidence of the sincerity of Pakistan. Digital Pakistan was a keynote from Honorable Minister MOITT at Barcelona GSMA2017 fulfilment execution is the task of Zong to support and adhere to bring the nation on the digital map of the world.

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