CM Sindh Threatens Nation Wide Gas Shutdown Over Supply Issues

Murad Shah, Chief Minister of Sindh, threatened that the gas supply to the rest of the country would be shut down. The situation has arisen over the issue of gas supply to the province.

He added that relevant authorities and departments had one week to resolve the issue. Otherwise, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) officials would be taken into custody and a national gas supply shut down would commence.

According to Murad Shah, the Constitution states that any province supplying gas has the first right over it. Despite Sindh producing 70% of Pakistan’s gas, issues persist and people of the province are suffering.

Earlier in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Mr. Murad mentioned that SSGC is not taking any requests for a new gas connection for customers. This applies to consumers in both urban and rural areas of Sindh. He cited the moratorium imposed by the federal government recently.

The company is not even going to supply gas to Khairpur Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which is Pakistan’s first industrial park with SEZ status under SEZ Act 2012.

Sui Southern is also not going to supply gas for 9 small industrial estates in Sindh. Provincial government has paid the company for all 9 of these industrial states as well.

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  • Well, Punjab produces more wheat than any other provinces and they eat that… Are not they shame of eating????

    Sindh is always brutal against Punjab. Kalabagh dam despite its usefulness, they just reject it without any reason.

    Murad Ali Shah send criminal in itself. After all he is member of PPPP… Pakistan poty party pogo

    • It is better you to eat donkeys with the wheat your grow and Thank you for showing the face of Punjab.

      • There is no Punjab and Sindh
        it is wrong thats y it is wrong
        If he is right prove it if wrong then go to hell

    • well first of all, there is less demand of wheat than natural natural gas is very demanded resource and often not distributed evenly.. see punjab does produce wheat.but do they suffer for wheat ?no they have plenty of it, they fulfill the provinces need then supply..sindh produces alot of thing that are mainly provided to punjab, this is basically provincial monopoly! yes sindh has been brutal agaisnt punjab for its monopoly.. PPPP pak poty party pogo was really funny and described the mindset you have, nawaz sharif is the most corrupt president ,admit it.. he has done some appreciative work, but he HAD to do it to stay incontrol of the chair,otherwise he would have to resign due to his unfitness

    • Punjab main jab wheat ki kami hoi thi tou punjab nay ban laga diya tha on interprovincial export of wheat. Aur kisi dosray province ko wheat nahi jarahi thi. Punjab apni zarorat ki wheat 100% utilize kar k baki bachi hoi wheat deta hai dosray provinces ko. Aapna filthy mouth kholnay se pehley kuch soch liya kar. Yahan baat punjabiyat ki nahi horahi fair distribution of resources ki ho rahi hai.

  • Please dont spread hatred… I am a punjabi by the way but you can’t aloof sindh or any other province while distribution of natural resources. Karachi is our trade hub, with its seaport and a mega airport as its uniqueness. I only contradict the way murad ali shah has debated on this issue. Come on man you are talking too childish and the problem isn’t that much as the way it has been portrayed in the assembly. To me its no less than cheap tactics of politics. Had they any soft nuke for general public things would not have been so bad in sindh… Poor governance

  • These Aholes are here to spread hate so we fight each other and ignore how F*cking useless these Aholes are.

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