3G/4G Users in Pakistan Near 40 Million Mark

3G and 4G users in Pakistan are just short of 40 million mark as total number of mobile broadband subscribers reached 39.89 million at the end of March 2017, reported Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Major contributions during March 2017 were made by Jazz as it added 362,463 users on 3G and another 64,451 users on its 4G network.

Jazz’s total count for 3G users stood at 12.45 million while 4G users were at 799,519.

Zong added more 4G users during March 2017 than 3G users, indicating company’s clear focus towards 4G services. It added 178,052 users on 3G network while 261,406 users were added on 4G network.

Telenor remained consistent with 153,938 new 3G users during the month of March and another 95,717 4G users during the reported period.

Ufone, like last month, lost 198,597 3G users during the month to total 4.67 million 3G users at the end of March 2017.

More in below graphs:

Mobile Phone Users at the End of March 2017

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  • This means the minimum amount of money generated from all this equals to Thirty Two Billion Rs.

  • Ahan that’s nice.

    Though it’s worrying because these companies have limited spectrums for 4g technology e.g ZONG has already started to face network congestion due to increased number of users. It’s speeds in karachi used to be more than 20mbps dload only in DHA but now it’s a dream to cross 6mbps ( have tested this throughout khi on my mbb device)).

    Now with adding members day by day the quality will detoriate.
    And the surprising bit, as per the recent article is that none of the current 4g players is interested in buying more spectrum!
    To phir to future mein speed ka kia hal hga dont know !!

    Warid used to be consistent in its good performance but after merger with mobi in ka 4g bhi ghaday jasa hgya hai !

    Now ppl who will comment zong has 10mh for 4g, best 4g networks in the world have atleast 50mhz of spec, obv we dont need that at the moment and obv we cant afford that to but still 10mhz se to berhna chahiye !!

    • Zong is using 15 MHz for 4G. There are so many other factors which deterioate speed other than congestion. SNR is a major thing, and the structure of Karachi city (one of world’s top 5 cities) is bound to make network interruptions. And unfortunately no network is paying attention on this matter. Speed will remain same even after adding 50 more MHz. And after extensive checking I can assure you that Telenor is being hit by SNR issue more than all companies due to their small cell sites, and others are not far behind as well, unfortunately.

      And in couple of years Zong and Jazz may demand PTA to auction more 4G spectrum in TDD LTE bands instead of these FDD LTE bands which effect more by outdoor interruptions as compare to TDD LTE bands.

      Furthermore, Telcos will have some free spectrum near 2020 for 4G which they are using for 2G/3G right now because demand towards 4G will be more than 2G/3G. Like Zong has converted 39% of its subscribers to 3G/4G (highest among all) from its total subscribers since june 2014, a launch date of these services. And with this pace Zong can easily bring 80% of its users on 3G/4G till 2020-21, And as you can see tendency is clearly towards 4G because every new smartphone is being launched with 4G support and coverage is also expanding, so it is safe to say in 2020 maximum if not all users will be on 4G. And all companies with having 60 or 70 or 80% 4G users will refarm and use same percent of its already available spectrum for 4G instead off 2G/3G. And big companies like Jazz and Zong may completely phase out 2G network at that time with Telenor and Ufone to follow. Period!

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