LMKT & IGIS NUST To Organize ‘Map It Pakistan’

LMKT and NUST Institute of Geographic Information System are bringing geospatial evangelism mapping activity called Map it Pakistan.

Have you ever checked whether the hospitals and education sectors present in your vicinity are located accurately on the map?

LMKT and NUST Institute of Geographic Information System are going to do just that. Map it Pakistan is the first of its kind GIS activity to encourage student-led mapping efforts for accurate location data. The kick off ceremony will take place with all spirits at NUST Campus on April 20th, 2017. Registrations are now open for all the current students from IGIS-NUST. Teams comprising of 2-3 members will pin health and education locations in twin cities’ vicinage over two weeks period.

Most of the health and education institutes remain uncovered on maps. While prominent buildings are mapped, attributes such as public/private remain a challenge. The collected data will be available for public access in support of Open Source Data initiative.

LMKT trusts that the event organized with academia will add value by giving a practical activity to GIS aspirants. Workforce Management mobile application will serve as a medium to pin and collect location data. The application is designed and developed by experts at LMKT. WFM allows keeping a smart track of the activities with accurate tracking and geo-visualization of the members in the field.

LMKT firmly believes that bridging the innovation gap between academia and private industry could do wonders for successful strategic partnerships.

To view guidelines, visit Map it Pakistan.

  • Stupid initiative…. they could just update Google Maps instead more accurately as everyone in the world will be using that.

    • Whats stupid about it? From what I read, the data would be open and can be updated in Google Maps as well. Are you aware of Open Source Data initiatives that happen worldwide? Do they always use google maps for GIS?

  • useless,baseless,crazy idea!!! they should partner with google or use google maps app to update the apps!! they r going to fail as TPL maps!

    • TPL maps is not a failure :O. No other mapping service in the country can compete Google, but they can. Wouldn’t it be nice to appreciate them ? For your info Google is already trying to partner with TPL maps :)

    • Any activity in relation to maps can never be a failure yet a step towards more information and more data. Each and every street of Pakistan must be accurately mapped and open for public use. Good going NUST IGIS & LMKT!

  • اصول یہ ہے کہ جب کسی مخفف کا پہلی بار استعمال ہو تو پورا نام دیا جاتا ہے۔ اس لحاظ سے آپ کو LMKT کا پورا نام دینا چاہیئے تھا۔

    • I have asked this question several times. As far as I know its Actual name is LMKR. Landmark resources. It is a company that transcripts geological data, or just say they digitizes all data from paper.

        • اگر واقعی یہی نام ہے تو کمپنی کی شبیہ اچھی نہیں۔ جو کمپنی ڈھنگ کا نام نہیں اپنا سکتی، اس کی سوچ اور کارکردگی کیا ہوگی؟

          • many company names are meaningless e.g. Sony, google, Kodak, xerox, IKEA, etc

            about kargardgi. LMKR was listed as one of the top 10 IT companies of Pakistan by our software export board 4 months ago.. (ref: https://propakistani.pk/2016/12/20/pseb-awards-2016-top-exporting-companies-pakistan/)

            it is also considered as on the top 10, if not 5, software development companies in its focus area i.e. geoscience etc. back in 2015 we were evaluated by Gartner (ref: http://blog.lmkr.com/lmkr-evaluated-in-gartners-2015-market-guide-for-oil-and-gas-upstream-modeling-suites/)

            LMKT is a younger company and in 5 years have grown to over 100 employees. Total employees in LMKR and LMKT are around 500 and with offices in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, Denver, Houston, Calgary and kuala lumpur i am pretty that most will say its kargardgi is quite good..

            • کمپنی کے نام کا بامعنی ہونا ضروری نہیں۔ اصل مسئلہ نام کا تلفظ ہے۔ اگر نام میں ایک یا دو واول ہوں تو تلفظ مشکل نہیں۔ جیسے گوگل یا کوڈک۔ دو حروف والے چند نام ہیں، جیسے ایل جی۔ اکا دکا تین حروف والے نام بھی ہیں، جیسے آئی بی ایم۔ چار حروف ہوں اور بیچ میں کوئی واول نہ ہو تو نام لینا خاصہ مشکل ہوتا ہے۔ کمپنی کو اس پہلو پر بھی غور کرنا چاہیئے تھا

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