PTCL Holds Event to Celebrate Partnership with iFlix

Being committed to providing impeccable services to the people, PTCL’s collaboration with iFlix was received with fanfare and immense excitement, as users have the opportunity to enjoy 12 months of unlimited entertainment.

On Saturday 8th April 2017, a star studded event was organized to formally mark this collaboration. From the who’s who of the entertainment industry to key stakeholders, the attendees expressed their excitement towards how audience can now enjoy a plethora of local and international content including movies, dramas and your favorite seasons.

The CEO and President of PTCL, Dr Daniel Ritz who was present at the event with his wife. He shared his excitement for the collaboration and commented, “We’re really excited for the partnership, and this is going to be great for our customers!”

Various celebrities including Mani and Hira, Azfar Rehman, Sunita Marshall, sisters Aimen and Minal Khan, Sana, Noor Hassan and Momil Siddiqui, amongst many others graced the occasion. While, Anoushay Ashraf and Hira Hussain  were spotted hosting the Red Carpet with usual grace and panache; Ushna Shah and Khalid Malik formed a truly delightful duo to host the main event.

During the evening, the entertainment quotient sky-rocketed with performances by the All Girls Band, the electrifying Khumariyan, and the enigmatic mind reader Shaheer Khan who wowed the audience with his skills. But, the highlight of the evening was surely the live performance by Stereo Nation which transported the audience to the days of naacha gey saari raat.

  • Do you people know that there was mathira mujra on this event?? Spending millions and getting 31%profit dip, is that justify?
    Having 60%plus govt share mean nation share. They having mathira Mujra on our tax money.

      • Yeah infact they fork out trillions in the form of bill for providing those imaginary services (which you never get) from poor people. I am the latest victim of PTCL brutality.

      • Who owns the 68% share? GOP
        Since it’s privatised there are thousands of cases against the management. ICH you might heard of it but don’t know what is it. The largest scam in the history of pakistan, illegal calls transmission and landing, it is called grey trafficking. Made trillions. NAB case is on it way, X ceo Walid irshaid and current SEVP mr Naqi involved.
        In picture the tall and fair guy just below IFLIX mr shahzad shah, most incompetent and curroption EVP marketing in the history of PTCL, the other most incompetent in industry GM PR mr imran is not seen in picture.
        Here PTCL making history brother.
        They give coins to GOVT and made trillions.
        Do you want me to name more people who destroying PTCL like termite?

        • Without any evidence, these see nothing but mere words & in sorry but I don’t believe things just cause I read something on the internet.

      • Etisalat still have pay 80bn RS to GOP, and it’s been more than a decade now. Wake up brother.

        • Yes you should definitely wake up. Cause A) it’s not 80 it’s 800 billion B) the govt had to give 100s of Billions RS worth of properties which it never did cause turned out they didn’t exist to ethisalat.

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