Clean Bowled: Wasim Akram Reduces Careem Fares

Wasim Akram, in an unexpected but well thought move, was appointed as honorary CEO of Careem. During his appointment — which lasted for a single day — he had the power to issue one executive order, and as you might have guessed it, he reduced Careem fares for Lahore and Karachi.

Fare Reductions:

  • 25% in Lahore on Go Rides
  • 20% in Karachi for Go Rides

The former Pakistani cricketer and left-arm fast bowler Wasim Akram was announced as Careem’s new honorary CEO. Post retirement, much like many former cricketers, Akram became a prominent commentator. He then took up the role of coach of Indian Premier League (IPL) side Kolkata Knight Riders and has helped them to be crowned champions in 2012 and 2014.

In view of this change, MD Careem, Junaid Iqbal stated:

I am excited to announce Wasim Akram as our Honorary CEO of Careem Pakistan. He is the perfect cultural fit for Careem. And there is no one more qualified than the Sultan of Swing, Wasim Akram to head Careem Pakistan. I am proud to pass the torch to him and I have full confidence that he will bring out the best in our employees, Captains and Customers.

After being instated as the CEO, Wasim Akram asked both Captains and customers to share one change they would like him to make to Careem given his new authority.


Since the announcement, Wasim has looked over comments, experiences and reviews and as a result has decided to complement this change in Careem’s structure with a change in prices.

As honorary CEO, Wasim Akram has made an executive order to cut prices in Lahore and Karachi. This price cut is only for GO cars where 25% price cut has been applied in Lahore and 20% in Karachi. The drop in prices is significant as fares in Lahore (for instance) can go as low as PKR 100.

Careem said that it aims to provide a reliable, safe, convenient, and affordable means of transport for everyone every day. This time it has provided its customers a price cut that will certainly make traveling less burdensome.

  • Man, you were doing all right until that concluding paragraph, where it turned into a blatant advertisement with absurd claims. I honestly thought this was just a news report, but those last few lines made me suspect this is paid promotion. And sure enough, it’s just the money talking. Much disappointed.

    Edit: paragraph has now been edited.

      • No, advertisement and sponsorship are very different. One is outright trying to sell you a product (through banners, commercials etc.) The other tries to promote a product in a subtle way by connecting with the audience (sponsored articles, shows, sports events etc.) This is marketing 101.

        • I get your point but do you really think ‘subtle’ is the way sponsored articles are published here? The end goal of all sponsored posts at most Pakistani blog sites is essentially advertising, have a look at previous ‘sponsored posts here’ — marketing 101 mechanics don’t work the same way in all markets and across all channels.

    • OK before you get a nervous breakdown over a clearly mentioned sponsored post, please explain what exactly in the last paragraph is an absurd claim? Is it that Careem is safe? Or convenient? Or affordable? Which of these is absurd?

      • The paragraph has been edited. Before it claimed that this move establishes Careem as the cheapest and most reliable ride hailing service in Pakistan.

  • My distance from home to office is increased by approx 1.x KM.
    I have old images of the cost + new images and I am still unable to understand how the same route is now showing 10KM instead of 8.x KM.
    One of the captain said that Careem increased the rate silently/secretly.

      • There’s no official response from Careem about that. Sent them a detailed email and there’s still no reply from them.
        * Just received a message from Careem that the fare is reduced now.

    • Yeh jhurlu is match fixer k aanay k baad maara hai in logon nay ya pehley maidan saaf kar k rakha hai is k liye?

  • He also took up the role of coach of Pakistan Super League (PSL) side Islamabad United and has helped them to be crowned champions in inaugural PSL.

    just saying …

  • Uber few days reduced 20% on its rides. Kisi tra to catch krna tha na Careem ne warna market share kam ho jata…. Careem played well with the cricketing sentiments of Pakistanis…. Careem is an absoute follower of Uber, no innovations at all.

  • Uber is doing increased in price at the peak hours or in case of increase of demand.
    Although he had also dropped in prices as Careem did.

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