Fast and the Furious 8 Breaks Cinema Records in Pakistan

The Fate of the Furious or Fast 8 (as it is known by fans around the world) has managed to bring back the crowd to cinemas in Pakistan. The latest installment in the high adrenaline car franchise was released over the weekend and people couldn’t get enough of it.

The numbers are in and it’s official: Fate of the Furious is the highest grossing film on opening weekend in Pakistan till date. It made Rs. 40 million on the opening weekend and broke all previous box office records in the country.

The top 3 highest grossing films in Pakistan ranked according to their opening weekend sales are:

  • The Fate of The Furious or Fast 8, Rs. 40 million
  • Furious 7 or Fast 7, Rs. 27 million
  • Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, Rs. 22 million

Here’s a trailer of the record setting Hollywood movie:

Cinemas in Pakistan:

In total, there are more than 120 cinemas in Pakistan with most of them being in Karachi. According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, this is about half the number of movie houses from back in 2003-2004.

At that time. there were as many as 376 cinemas in Pakistan with 246 in Punjab alone. Following the decline of Pakistan’s movie industry and the subsequent ban of Indian movies (which was lifted years later), movie theaters are finally, albeit slowly, making a comeback.

Via DailyPakistan

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      • One, that has got nothing to do with the film not screening in Pakistan.

        Two, you’re wrong. Its worldwide success is proof that a story as good as Your Name transcends all barriers, language or medium. It’s a movie that appeals to everyone.

        • Not trying to offend you but it doesn’t change the fact that not everyone is into anime.

        • Actually, Haamiz made a valid point here.

          The demand of anime-related movies in Pakistan is so low compared to the rest that cinemas don’t screen such movies.

          So it throws your argument out the window. (re: That has nothing to do with the film not screening in Pakistan)

          • Once again, no. If you really think our cinemas are screening movies based on popular demand, you’re in for an awakening. You really believe people are more interested in watching some B rated Bollywood movie than internationally acclaimed works of art? That’s funny.

            The reason they don’t screen such movies, and this doesn’t apply to anime only, is there are no channels in place for acquiring screening rights to them. And with Pakistan being such a small market with only a handful of screens, neither of them on par with international standards, publishers aren’t even interested in getting their movies here.

            Fact of the matter is, if they do start screening such movies here, I know a lot of people who’ve never gone to a cinema in their lives will start doing so.

            So, sorry dude, but unfortunately you’re wrong.

    • Yar ap PP par guest post kar ke apne sare fav anime ke list de sakhte ho? mujhe animes bohat pasand hai normal movies se be zaida lakin mujhe naam nai pata. Game of Thrones ke be animated hoti to tvshow se zaida ache hoti.

      • Some of my other favorite anime movies are The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Wolf Children, Jin Roh, Whisper of the Heart, Hana & Alice: Murder Case, Tamako Love Story to name a few.

        My favorite anime series are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Steins;Gate, Wolf and Spice, Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan, White Album 2, Haikyuu!, K-On! and Yokuzura Quartet.

    • You’re the first person I have heard about in Pakistan (apart from myself and friends who I forced to watch) who has seen that amazing movie. I am an anime junkie so watching that film was a no-brainer for me. Even my friends who hate anime loved that film.

  • Wrong information, its weekend business is over 100 million, 40 million is opening day business. I don’t know how this post was approved.
    Another correction, most cinemas are in Lahore not Karachi, i can challenge you to prove your claim with names, they were used to be most in perhaps 80’s but now lahore has most cinemas.Poor facts.

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