Official: Chinese Mobile Manufacturer Tecno Is Launching In Pakistan

Chinese mobile manufacturers have enjoyed great deal of success in Pakistan. Their combination of features and price has made smartphones accessible to a large segment in the country. Tecno is another Chinese company that is hoping to follow in their footsteps in Pakistan.

Tecno will be launched under United Mobile on April 21st.

After conquering the African market – in which it ranks among the three most popular smartphone brands – the company is hoping to expand its operations into countries such as Pakistan and India.

Last year, the company launched its much anticipated flagship phones – Tecno Phantom 6 and Tecno Phantom 6 Plus.

Here is a glimpse of what we can expect from Tecno in Pakistan:

Phantom Series

Boom Series

Other Smartphones

To check out the further details and specifications of Tecno smartphones, check out their official website.

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  • The problem with Chinese sets apart from the big brand (Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo) is poor sofware quality, No upgrades, cheep electronic components and poor implementation of the whole package. Yes they will improve, but at the cost of the consumers. They have so low budget that they simply copy and even copy the mistakes from where they copy the master.

    • Glad to note your comments which I’m sure be taken seriously by principals in China and Pakistan. Its worth mentioning China this year is the country which has applied which has a world record for applying for Patents for inventions, and IPR. It is criminal in China by law piracy as China is a signatory to WIPO. Pakistan Customs FBR is also signatory to WIPO and pirated, copied, un-licensed software whether in the system, or otherwise would be confiscated by customs Pakistan Customs is member of WCO an international body. I suggest if you formally apply to the honorable Collector of Customs for any thing noticed for piracy, copied, or QOC should be confiscated or banned from Pakistan.

    • There is no comparison between Qmobile and Infinix. Infinix is way superior in quality, updates and everything.

      • I agree. Typing this from an infinix right now. Though it’s a fact that most of these phones are manufactured by a single OEM, the same one that also makes iPhone for Apple. They just have a handful of reference designs, and give companies the option to switch a few components around and label it whatever. Where these brands differ is the parts they go for, and their after sales support. Infinix is one of the better ones in this regard.

        • You are right. I am not using infinix atm but I bought Infinix note 3 a few moths back for my Father. Yesterday I received Nougat update on that phone. Qmobiles will never receive any update. instead they will launch a new model with nougat. Only people who have not used a real smooth touch smartphone, considers qmobile tough screen good.

  • with old MKT Processors no one is interested … All Chinese low quality … its better to Buy Xiaomi Phones.

  • To be honest, Chinese products can’t be compared with others in terms of quality and stability even if we pay for the quality.

    Example is Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, unstable operating systems, hardware issues which a normal users doesn’t notice and doesn’t care.

    Chinese companies force Chinese language, Chinese services to their users.

    I have used from Xiaomi, Bluetooth handsfree (battery issue), phone (extremely laggy and unstable os miui of xiaomi 4A and 3s, camera focus software issue, third party SMS apps issues since years, not fixed, xiaomi discourages third party apps), power bank which dropped its capacity in few months, Xiaomi power strip charger which charges slow unlike they promise of 2ampere but gives 1ampere equal charging.

    Xiaomi yi smart cam, stopped working because of some china server gateway issue.

    Xiaomi security gateway, stopped working because of some China Internet gateway issue.

    Xiaomi router, works fine, language Chinese. Damn.

    Similarly​ oppo, Huawei of China have stupid issues. Even some bug/feedback report forms don’t work.

    But it’s ok. People don’t come to know or they don’t care. Enjoy everybody because you hear other people say it’s good.

    Also, we are sacrificing ourselves to China for developments. Let’s see if we can have peace of mind with their things.

    • Even Apple/Samsung/LG are relying on china for manufacturing of their products. We get what we pay for. Not everyone can afford 80k+ PKR for a smartphone. China has just resolved the issue by manufacturing products in the range of people.

      • Good joke “have all these things and no issue”, while asking me to enhance understanding skills.

        Maybe you are in love with the issues that you don’t feel them.

        • Xiaomi Bluetooth : If it gives you 8 Hours of usage. Its enough.

          MIUI : Consistent Updates solve those issues. You can give your feedback to them.

          For Resolving third party apps : Go to developer options and uncheck MIUI Optimization

          PowerBank : Maybe your usage is too high and batteries do deplete over time.

          Powerstrip : Gives you 2 Amps when using only single port.

          Xiaomi Router : Update its official firmware to English Language. I have been using it for 6 Months and above.

          • Xiaomi bluetooth: language Chinese

            MIUI: issues since 2015 are still coming along, not fixed, customer support is poor. Even the MIUI feedback sending app is buggy, often fails to send feedback. Not sure whether it sends feedbacks, because it rings sent notification first while sends feedback later in the background :D :D isn’t it funny? sent notification on screen and speaker shown first, that too with wrong grammar “send”

            For third party apps: Nothing helps optimization off/on, miui forum is full of users complaining about these issues since YEARSSSS

            PowerBank: Xiaomi powerbank batteries deplete faster than other batteries.

            Powerstrip: even with only one port charging i don’t think that it gives 2A, because it is slow compared to a 2A charger.

            Xiaomi router: It still has some of its features in Chinese, for example weekly bandwidth usage states, some plugins and occasionally some errors popup which I don’t know what do they say.

            Still, I would recommend Xiaomi, they are better than others.

            I was just telling how Chinese products work.

    • Hmm, for example search on miui forums: Can’t use third party SMS app and can’t expand notifications, phone sensor calibration issue

      I am suffering, and I regret that I suggested Xiaomi to a friend. He often asks me the solution.

      Still, Xiaomi is better than others due to price and features.

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