Zong Opens its Concept Store in Karachi

Zong today announced the opening of ‘one-of-a-kind’ concept store in Karachi. This is Zong’s 5th Concept Store, the 1st in Karachi and also the biggest to date.

The Store is equipped with latest Zong products and state-of-the art gadgets & Enterprise Solutions on display. The inauguration event is being live tweeted and covered by enthusiastic and notable Bloggers and the hashtag #ZongConceptStore is trending at No.1 in Pakistan right now.

The store is now open to Walk-In-Customers at Clifton, Karachi and is designed to provide customers with a better understanding of how technology can make life easier.

The opportunities provided by telecommunications are currently so vast that many people are having trouble keeping up with them. This top-notch concept store will demonstrate how simply & seamlessly different aspects of technology come together to transform lives across the world.

This multi-purpose store hosts:

  • A 4G handsets zone
  • An accessories zone
  • An Enterprise Solutions corner with IoT solutions & Applications
  • A 4G Gaming zone
  • A Live video streaming kiosk; and
  • One on one Customer Support

The store was inaugurated by Zong’s Chief Financial Officer Mr. Li Wenyu, alongside company’s Chief Technical Officer Ms. Miao Qiao and other senior officials. In order to ensure the perfect customer experience. The staff at the concept store has been trained to go the extra mile in facilitating customers. The people of Karachi already enjoy Zong’s fastest 4G services spread across the city, with affordable data products, customized to suit the needs of the customers of Karachi, as is the case with the rest of the country.

Zong is Pakistan’s No. 1 Data Network and leads the telecommunications category with its unmatched 4G experience in more than 250 cities. With this new concept store, Zong will further propel 4G internet penetration, living up to its vision of touching the lives of all Pakistanis with their exciting offers & customer support available through this store.

  • > the hashtag #ZongConceptStore is trending at No.1 in Pakistan right now.

    No it’s not. #pakistanlovessnapchat is trending no.1

    Zong is not even second.

  • Mr. Li Wenyu, Ms. Miao Qiao CTO Zong this is a great opening when Zong is expected for 5G Trails in Pakistan, which were already tested in GSMA2016, 2017 Barcelona. The GSR2017 ITU is on Digitalisation as well. As we are in process of Mobile Banking Licensing it is hoped this center will showcase new technologies, applications, IOT, and related technologies are displayed with products/ terminal equipments. Zong is expected to coordinate on 5G trails, Mobile Banking, and process of Digitalised Pakistan with disciplined IOT, transport,

  • The CPEC has brought fruits to development the infrastructure bringing benefits of bilateral interests to both the countries and the people. This is a great initiative to bring people to the technological syncronization of both the countries.

  • An exciting opportunity for Zong 4G LTE beyond Clifton for consideration by Mr. Li Wenyu CTO, Ms. Miao Qiao which I’d like to identify in Karachi Kokan Family Park, Hyder Ali Road, Opposite Sada Bahar Marriage Lawn. Suggestion: Kokan Family Park may possibly be considered for a short term sponsorship display only of the hardware and 4G/LTE and related devices, wifi, hotspot, handsets, etc., etc., to show case 4G in this location which I guess is free from frequency interruptions. The park visited by residents, and outsiders, and may possibly be sponsored free demos., and use of broadband in the park during promotion period of sponsorship for free testing use, and of course sponsorship to the park for permanent no cost wifi/hotspot in the park.
    This could be a win win situation sponsoring a public park for accessiility, and sponsoring the park for broadband 4G LTE for the lifetime, and space utilisation, administration. Imay second your initiative.

  • As per CMPak,Karachi this is the first serious initiative of Zong. An event organised by Zong and Quallcom in islamabad on the matter of Digitalisation, and Trails of 5G spectrum. Could you please tell the readers more about your role in Pakistan towards digitalisation e.g., payment system, Revenue Departments Government of Pakistan, Automobile as Driverless Trucks, enforcement as Custom FBR Revenue Recovery, AIT Artificial Intelligence Technology preparedness to achieve the broader objective of the people of Pakistan.

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