UAE & Middle East Are The Best Places to Look for A Job Right Now

UAE is a popular destination for job seekers in Pakistan. Lower language barrier, close proximity and ample opportunities have made it a constant source of income and remittance over the last few years. Unfortunately, even the UAE saw a slowdown in jobs over the last couple of years due to challenging economic conditions.

The good news is that the outlook for 2017 is very positive, according to experts.

More Jobs Incoming

Vice-president of (employer solutions), Suhail Masri said that Middle Eastern employers are warming up to the idea of hiring again. This has resulted in a notable increase in jobs in the first quarter of 2017.

Citing the company’s Job Index survey, Masri explained that in Q1 2017, around two thirds of employers in the Middle East planned to hire someone in a year. As for employers in UAE, 69% shared the same outlook.

He added that there are several initiatives and events taking place in the country to promote career opportunities in the UAE job market, like Careers UAE and Expo 2020. As for the fields which performed well in terms of online job postings and hiring activity, Masri mentioned sales, technology/IT, engineering, management, and accounting/banking/finance.

Healthcare Sector Going Strong

Sanjay Modi, Managing Director for for the Middle East region said that the healthcare sector recorded the highest growth in terms of online job postings and hiring. The hospitality sector on the other hand recorded a decrease in performance.

He said that it wasn’t surprising that the healthcare sector performed well considering UAE government’s emphasis on the sector. The government is planning to have one of the strongest healthcare systems in the world by 2021.

Specific Job Roles in High Demand

Chris Greaves, MD of Hays (global recruiting group) for the Middle East says that activity within the hiring market is looking positive. He noted that a lot of specific job roles are in increasing demand, which are cyber security professionals, online payment experts and C-suite executives.

Additionally bi-lingual job candidates, proficient in both Arabic and English with local and international experience in their specific industries are in high demand as well.

Via Khaleej Times

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  • expo 2020 is creating 200k jobs in uae in coming years. 70% jobs will be in hotel industry tourism air travel and construction sector.

    this info i got from an article @ msn arabia. good opputunity for pakistanis from hoteling tourism and construction sector

  • yahoodi agent., Israel is also the part of Middle East and you are telling its the best place to look for job ?????

    • Yes low paying jobs if you are a labor.
      Even for other jobs you can’t generalize as similar jobs in different companies are paid differently. You will even find less qualified earning more than Pakistani PhDs in Europe. And this isn’t a general statement ;)

  • The article is different from the actual ground reality in the gulf including UAE, in fact they are laying off the already employed force and replacing the managerial force with their own nationals. The low end jobs are being rapidly filled with Filipinos. The only booming sector i.e. the construction industry is getting bloodline from the Govt investors which are also very cautious about the overall security situation the Gulf.

    • 100% agreed I personally know Pakistanis who have been living in Middle East for decades and the situation for Pakistanis everywhere is the worst it has ever been in 50 years — we are being targeted and kicked out person by person Indians who are their old friends are being kept as well as Egyptians and Filipinos.

      The only jobs even highly qualified graduates from IBA LUMS and other such universities are finding are credit card sales reps, which pays a couple of thousand riyals/dinars/dirhams salary and commissions only after sales — which never materialize.

      Our young boys and girls are standing in 50 degrees heat in suits begging people to buy one credit card — after six months of disappointments most return in debt and destitution.
      Good family girls are increasingly turning to prostitution and other vices just to pay house rents — I do not know why people will not tell our brothers and sisters back in Pakistan the realities of what is happening to our young talent in these countries — but its about time someone speaks up and tells the truth — you guys want to know realities — why don’t you talk to someone who actually lives there?

      Or check western and Europeans news websites which are the only ones to dare to tell the truth about what is happening there!
      Our sold-out leaders who are on Middle East payrolls with their palaces in Dubai, Jeddah and Doha will neither tell the truth themselves nor let anyone else tell the truth in Pakistan, even if large number of Pakistanis are going through hell because of this, because of their own personal interest

  • People on LinkedIn are saying exactly opposite. People offer ‘slave labor’ salaries in Dubai (as discussed by a number of people in LinkedIn).

  • I am working in UAE for past 2 years and overall job market situation in the middle east including UAE & Saudi Arabia is getting worse day by day. This type of article appears after every few months inciting people to come to Middle east specially to UAE looking for a job but hardly few people succeed in getting good jobs. Market here is very saturated and most of the companies prefer Indian, Filipino or other nationals over us. So i advise to all my friends here who want to come to Middle East for Job Hunt, first do a thorough analysis of situation here and then decide.

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