Jazz Announces Double Bonus for Everyone

At a time when telecom operators are undergoing massive cost-cutting regimes, Jazz has announced additional bonus — on top of usual yearly bonus — for everyone in the company.

A message from Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, circulated with-in the company, and said that all in-house, permanent, contractual employees, tea boys, security guards or anyone employed directly on indirectly will get an additional bonus equal to two weeks of gross salary.

Not to mention, usual yearly bonuses are around 2 or above salaries — depending on the performance — and are due this month as well. Mr. Ibrahim said that both the bonuses will be credited to accounts in a single go.

Aamir Ibrahim called the additional reward as Jazz1st bonus, and said “it is a testament of our ethos of togetherness and marks our collective win”.

CEO said that this bonus includes everyone who has contributed to the 2016 journey and is part of the Jazz team on April 19th, 2017.

Below is excerpt from Aamir Ibrahim’s message:

The upcoming payout on April 24th, 2017 also includes the yearly Short Term Incentive (STI) for all eligible employees who joined on or before 3rd October 2016 and were contractually entitled to a Short Term Incentive (STI).

Following our “Pay for Performance” philosophy, the STI payout differentiates based upon the annual performance rating in the recently concluded performance appraisal cycle.

You will be able to access individual payout details on People Hub by Monday. To facilitate your queries, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are also available on Jazz PIT-STOP.

Through our Jazz1st approach, I know that collaboration will bring us many more wins and lead us to be at the forefront of the digital revolution in Pakistan. Let’s pledge to live the Jazz1st ideology and become the Employer of Choice!

Congratulations and thank you again for your effort and support!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Paid journos at their best!

    Aamir Atta: “Double Bonus”

    Just two weeks of salary as bonus for all employees.
    No “annual” bonus for a major chunk of Jazz employees (migrated from Warid, BCD etc).

    Shall never visit ProPakistani again. Au revoir.

  • To become the employer of choice, Jazz needs to change its culture first and start treating their employees with respect

  • Aamir Attaa stop spreading false info…please write what you know and stop misleading with false reporting!!!

    • They are just giving the annual bonus to their employees, ex-warid employees despite being agreed that we will be given bonus they didn’t fulfilled their promise as they just care for their employees, warid employees suffering

  • If only Mobilink aka Jazz can improve its service. I have the Mobilink number since over 25 years. The service has progressively deteriorated since then.

    How I wish…

      • Ansari sb ka naam un logon main shumaar hota hay jinhon nay telecom sector ki bunyaad apnay hathon say rakhi thi 1991 main. So yes, mobile companies ko itnay saal ho gaye hain.

        • my comment was not relating to insta days, mobilink started in 1994, anyways he seems like a seasoned professional and i agree in general with his comment, QoS is not something of priority for service industry in Pakistan, this phenomena of deteriorating services is applicable for all in general.

  • Miss leading Post by Pro Pakistani by saying “Double Bonus for every 1”
    – Half salary for every 1.
    – Performance appraisal (STI) for Mobilink employees who joined on or before 3rd October 2016 then migrated on JAZZ.
    – 000.00 for Warid migrated employees.

      • Are you a disgruntled employee?
        If so, why do you work there if you are so unhappy?
        Why not move and find another company to work for, where you can be happy?
        It seems that people only like to moan and groan in life – as if their organization should change to the way they want, rather than they make a move towards the greener pastures that they see from afar.

        • “people only like to moan and groan in life” well said, @Xobile equality is not served here (point your not getting), & your sentiment towards employer is biased by saying take only what you have been granted rather what is right/fair and just.

  • it seems some organizations are really dying to get public attention to their “good deeds”. In last 2-3 years, actual bonus payout at one of the telcos was in fact higher than others. But it was something for their employees so they didn’t run paid advertisements like Zong and Jazz have done this year.

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