New Google Earth Gets A Lot More Realistic with Stunning 3D Images

Google Earth, one of the oldest (and fun) things ever made by the search engine giant, has received a much needed upgrade. Back in the old days all you had was a high resolution satellite image of the Earth stretched on a globe.

You could waste hours exploring different destinations, going from place to place to see what it looks like. With the latest update, Google has increased its time wasting potential making it easier to navigate the blue planet.

A small but important change is that you can access Google Earth on any browser on any OS. The update applies to both the web version and the Android app. The interface is now simplified with easy access to everything you need. Like before you can access street view in supported locations or explore K2 or the Grand Canyon in 3D.

There are three major features added in the new Google Earth:

Knowledge Cards

For select locations across the world, Google Earth will offer knowledge cards. These cards are little more than trivia and link you to Wikipedia pages of the locations for more info.


The Voyager is Google’s version of guided tours. Sort of like a virtual tour of the place, it takes you to around 10 destinations for each tour. Some of the tours have videos embedded with each destination as well which explain the significance for every location. For now there are 40 tours available.

Google collaborated with NASA, BBC, Digital Globe and others for these tours (one of them featured in the image above) and will be making more of these tours in the future.

I’m Feeling Lucky

Like its Google search counterpart, the Earth version goes to a different location at any time. Google has curated more than 20,000 locations for the I’m Feeling Lucky button which are worth exploring. If you have money to burn and don’t know where to go, this feature can help you with that. For some its the button you press when you’re bored and can’t think of anything better to do.

Click here to access Google Earth on your browser.

Download Google Earth on Google Play Store.

Download Google Earth on iTunes App Store.

Note: Google Earth’s update is not available right now on iOS and Android. It will be available in coming weeks.

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  • Great Application and now it has enhanced 3D imagery via Browser. really loved it. Hope Pakistan Cities and Monuments will get High Resolution 3D imagery also.

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