A PIA Adviser Sold a Plane for just Rs. 5.6 Million to His Own Company: PIA Board

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) board of directors has decided for a departmental action against its Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bernd Hildenbrand, a German National aviation expert and others.

Board of directors took this decision after a report was presented by the chairman PIA regarding alleged corruption in sale of an old airworthy aircraft Airbus A310 to a German Museum at a throwaway price.

The 11th Meeting of Board of Directors of PIA was held on April 18. The meeting was chaired by Acting Chairman, Mr. Muhammad Irfan Elahi.

PIA Spokesperson says that the BOD discusses matters relating to PIA operations, administration and improving its profitability.

According to sources, BOD discussed the report regarding the selling of the Airbus A310. In light of findings, BOD has decided to issue a show-cause notice to high ranking officials of airline.

Report said that CEO Bernd Hildenbrand and his former Chief Coordinator Halmet Bechofiz were hand and glove in the deal.

The management appointed Halmet Bechofiz as technical adviser to PIA on October, 2016 on the recommendation of CEO Bernd Hildenbrand. Besides working in PIA, Halmet Bechofiz was also the director of a German Museum which bought the Airbus A310 at a throwaway price.

After this scandal surfaced, Halmet Bechofiz was removed from his post and he went back to Germany. Bernd Hildenbrand was sent on forced leave and he will be on the leave till the inquiry is completed. Bernd Hildenbrand’s name is also included in the Exit Control List and he is not able to leave Pakistan.

A Senior director level executive has termed this “a poor decision”.

He fears that the inquiry will be partial and has not taken full evidence into account.

“I can assure you the moment anyone, who is impartial, will order a inquiry against the people who did the inquiry. One Board Member is driving all this, he said. “The board member in question is now calling shots and running PIA as he wishes.” the senior director told ProPakistani.

Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) conducting a investigation on the alleged mega corruption in PIA. FIA issue summon to PIA directors for investigation.

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