Revealed: Official Prices for Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ in Pakistan

Now that pre-orders for the S8 and S8+ are available, prices were the only thing unknown about the two phones.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 will set you back Rs. 87,000 while the S8+ will cost Rs. 97,000.

The two flagship phones will be available for purchase in Pakistan on April 27th.

You might be wondering what’s the point of pre-ordering a phone. With the S8 and S8+ you will be able to get a Rs. 6,000 cash voucher with every order. This will effectively reduce the prices from Rs. 87,000 to Rs. 81,000 for the S8 and Rs. 91,000 from Rs. 97,000 for the larger S8+.

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You can head over to Samsung Pakistan for placing your order online if you don’t want to head over to a retail store. You can select up to 3 colors, Midnight Black, Orchid Grey and Maple Gold.

Massive numbers of the S8 and S8+ have been pre-ordered in South Korea and US. In South Korea alone, 728,000 orders have been placed, with 550,000 orders placed in just 2 days.

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    • cash voucher get utilized for the same purchase, Instead of 87K you’ll pay just 81K for S8
      and 91K instead of 97K for S8+

      • Are you sure? According to my understanding, this is only for pre-order, that involves paying full price online through credit card. On the launch date, you will either pick up from a designated point or get it delivered to your doorstep. The package will include the handset plus the cash voucher. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        • no you will have to pay 81k in case of s8 and 91 in case of s8+ and that is confirm i ordered on Daraz they charged 81k upfront whereas on Homeshopping they asked for 10k advance rest of amount (71k) will be paid once ordered will be handed over.

  • I dont understand, apart from the features and blah blah blah, is it sane to spend so much on a smartphone??

  • Paid advertisement alert! Propakistai you guys are unethical and a disappointment if you dont place a ‘sticker’ of ‘paid ad’ on top of such paid content!

    • I am also a big critic of pro-pk’s article quality but this article is completely legit. Samsung’s new phone is a point of interest for quite a few individuals even in Pakistan. Even websites the world over (CNET etc…) convey the prices of Samsung’s phones and ways to get them.

      Bilawaja criticize karna bhi acha nahi hota

    • Not all of them, though. Better? Overstatment i’d say. But value for money … damn right they are.

      Samsung is slowly becoming a “brand of choice” for every aira gaira, just like iPhone. Now people don’t buy Samsung Galaxy because it’s performance oriented high end device … but because it’s “Samsung”. Exactly why i hate their products now, and most certainly would never buy one. (Very very happy with my OnePlus 3, and MAY change to a latest OnePlus device, given the right price/features).

      • i intended my comment to be provocative
        ( constructive discussions are always welcome ! )

        obviously not all of them are good … nobody in their right mind would buy an ‘Amigoo’ or a ‘Goophone’ ( some names those are, eh ? ) . but the select few brands , geniuine hard workers who REALLY offer the best stuff at an earnest price … they definitely deserve their pomp and popularity in developing markets like Pakistan

        for instance , even if the Mi6 is valued at 45k+ , its STILL a better deal than the S8 (or even the S8+) and UNLESS someone’s either a very sophisticated computer engineer or an overly enthusiastic photographer , a vast majority of the user base will NEVER find complete use of the hardware on offer in these phones. the usual consumer uses a phone for calls , camera , android applications (be it games , whatsapp . social media & whatnot) and other rather trivial tasks.

        no one’s attempting to power a cluster or mine cryptocurrrencies :p

        the Mi6 will most definitely perform all these tasks rather easily. and I’m being very generous with Mi 6 , it’s a high-end device that will most probably cost half of what S8+ costs here.

        even the aptly priced Redmi Note 4 will be more than adequate for usual user needs.

        i agree with your opinion about brands falling victim to vanity … tech enthusiasts like me simply loathe this mindset ! but i guess this is how brands make money … power of marketing

        btw , lucky you for the OP3. if i may ask , how much did it set you back ?

        oh and you’d rather wait for the OP5 , it’s shaping up to be outrageously (and absurdly) powerful and buffed .. just wait till they confirm the official specs

        • Finally, someone who understands. :) Cheers bro.

          Most of the Xiaomi phones are in a league of their own. Half the price with same specs/performance of a highend device. But even Xiaomi is charging a little higher premium than usual on their phones now. It’s fine, though, if compared with other famous brands (like say, Samsung).

          About my OP3 … i’m in UAE so i bought it at (launch) discounted price of AED1503 only (which is roughly Rs.43000). I don’t plan to change it very soon as i use my devices for their lifetime. My last Samsung Galaxy S1 (bought used at 40k back when it was released), lasted me more than 5 years. And guess what, it’s still working absolutely fine, though kinda ancient now.

          I primarily upgraded to OP3 because I REALLY needed a Fingerprint Sensor (Life is getting busier, no one has time to unlock their phone via passwords and stuff … and fingerprint sensor is the MOST convenient option this device has … and it’s lightening fast.

  • Hopefully this time the box will be fireproof to begin with, so they don’t have to dispatch separate fireproof boxes in case of recall :)

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