Zong to Upgrade all Sites to 4G in 2017

Zong will upgrade all sites to 4G by the end of 2017, it was stated in an official press release by the company today.

It is interesting to note that the company already is the pioneer in 4G technology in Pakistan and has the largest number of 4G sites in the nation, which will reach 10,600 by the end of the year.

Its fast roll out of this latest technology in Pakistan, Urban and Rural areas coupled with one of the best network quality has been a great success for its customers. Zong’s 3G/4G strategy seems to be working perfectly, keep a stable 2G with leaps and bounds of new investment in its 3G 4G network.

Maham Dard, Spokesperson, Zong

”Zong will take the lead to connect Pakistan with the rest of the world. We will upgrade all our sites to 4G by the end of 2017. We have developed the most innovative and brand new customer service centers throughout Pakistan in Lahore, Quetta, Karachi and Peshawar with new solutions, new products, new applications and new packages, in fact, we are the only operator who wants to invest in our customers, to make them knowledgeable on the latest technology available in the nation and how they can benefit from it for a better, improved and a connected lifestyle. Any customer, whether from Zong or not, can now walk in to our service centers and get as much information on 3G/4G as possible, we welcome all! Every person in Pakistan is our customer, whether he is on the Zong network or not, that’s the way we think, and that’s the way we operate, and we firmly believe that sooner or later, people who are not on our network will join us due to our product quality and best customer services”, said Maham Dard, official spokesman for Zong.

For the customers, it is important to understand what 4G is. 4G is the connection to life, connection to a better future, a new and improved lifestyle for every Pakistani. It is a step into a faster, more advanced, more innovative horizon for our country.

For our youth, it is a bright future with unlimited knowledge instantly, connected with 4G, reshaping the country’s future. For our professionals, 4G is innovation beyond limits to advance their capability and learn new and modern ways of efficiency to be more productive in their work.

Every person in Pakistan is our customer, whether on Zong network or not

For businessmen, it is a faster way of doing their business and make their products available in the international market at record speed, helping Pakistan’s commerce industry directly.

For doctors, 4G is about how to treat our patients with most advanced technology and the latest healthcare solutions. for the media, 4G is about keeping our nation up to date on the latest happenings live from around the world, for our law and order, 4G provides the fastest connection to law enforcement agencies in real time to keep our nation safe. 4G helps everyone, to get information quicker, to be able to compete faster, to improve and progress more efficiently, provide new solutions and learn new ways of a better and prosperous lifestyle for every Pakistani.

“Zong is here to make more investment on the Pakistani people, to provide Pakistan with a faster and better connection to the world, so it can compete with other nations. We are investing in Pakistan because of its strong friendship with the government of China and the relationship China has with the Pakistani people. Our business model is completely different to that of other operators, we are not just doing business, we are providing a platform to the Pakistanis for them to advance in all sectors of their life. Zong will play a key role in connecting the Pakistan china business corridor”, Maham further added, speaking to Zong’s contribution in Pakistani society and its relation with China.

Among all operators, Zong has the highest 4G market share at 75% in the industry.

  • Credit goes to Zong for buying 4G spectrum in 2014 and trigger 4G competition in market, otherwise looking at other operators strategy we would have only rely to 3G till now.

    And this move will definitely improve Zong’s 4G customer ratio. Zong has highest percentage of 3G/4G users because 40% of their users are either on 3G or 4G.

    Telenor and Jazz have 26% and 24% respectively.

    As soon one will go close to 80%, it can phase out 2G, and can utilise 2G spectrum for 4G and would become able to introduce VoLTE.

    • I am eagerly waiting for VoLTE..Hopefully it will be available in Pakistani market by 2020.

      • VoLTE will only be possible to roll out for a network, when there is 4G coverage every where. And if Zong completed its 4G coverage in 2017 nationwide, we can expect VoLTE in later 2018 or in 2019.

        • Yooo from My end in Internet Pentration

          ZonG is the Abba of All networks


          is definitely the Hero of modren Era


    • I get Most of the time 4g while going from Lahore to Shakargarh (My Home Town). And mostly there are villages and small towns on the way. Zong is doing it really fast. 6 month before Zong 3g was struggling in My city but this weekend when I visited my home, speeds were good.

      • So that more people can use VoLTE and burden on 2G/3G voice could be shifted to VoLTE. Otherwise VoLTE can be launched even on a single cell site.

      • Bhai jese 2G aur 3G pe call hoti hai aysay hi 4G pe call karne ko Voice over LTE kehte hyn. Yeh 2G/3G ki tarah nahin balkay internet data packets k through hoti hy. Aur ek hi jitne spectrum ki capacity VoLTE pe 2G ki nisbat 6 times ziada hoti hai. Matlab agar 5 MHz 2G pe 1 banda call kar sakta hai to 3G pe 3 aur VoLTE pe 6 banday ek hi waqt myn call kar ya sun saktay hyn.

    • Really? Have you tried zong? Their speed is immaculate while on the other networks “who are upgrading” struggling to get you 1mb of speed and zong has almost 40mb plus speed as far as i have seen but they are also good in congested cities where you almost get 10mb too. How about Telenor (pretty shite in speed), Jazz (not good either), Ufone (shity as PTCL).

    • Are you sure Ufone is expanding its 3G? They are still missing 3G at places where others have 4G.

      • if zong introduces VoLTE in 2018. what they will do with their current 2g/3g spectrum. off course they cannot shut down 2g/3g in one shot. but i guess they are on a path to kill 2g in coming years.
        they can use their current 2g spectrum for 4g in future. ??? if yes they can become a true data based cellular company like “3” in uk.
        ARPU for voice is very low as compared to 4g data customer. so definetily zong is happy with their current ROI from data customers. eyeing on future they are on a road to become 1st priority of people for data. voice is not their priority now. data is future and they are eyeing on future not today

        • Zong has already decreased its 2G spectrum. Before 4G Zong was using 6 MHz of 1800 MHz for 2G. Now Zong has refarmed 5 MHz of that 6 MHz of 1800 MHz for 4G as well and currently using total 15 MHz of 1800 MHz for 4G. So they are already running ahead of others. Because they know future is about 4G data, and even Voice over 4G (VoLTE) also runs on data.

  • kya koyi bata sakta hai ke rural area main ek 4g tower kam se kam kitne area ko strong 4g services provide kr sakta hai

  • Zong should start VolTE ASAP and start providing cheap feature phones witg VOLTE like Jio is doing in india with tgeir 4G LTE + VOLTE newtwork without having a 2g and 3g license

  • Pls improve your 2G coverage also.. I have been complaining since I got ZONG , that was like 3 years ago and still they say that it would get resolved in August 2017 .. thats pathetic.. in the same spot i got full 4G/3G/2G signals of Mobilink :)

  • In coming years, Zong will pretty much outperform all other telecom companies present in Pakistan.

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