Muslims Care About Halal Food But Not About Haram Income

Food as long as it is halal is permissible while money coming from interest or corruption (which is haram) used to buy that food is perfectly fine. According to the Deputy Minister Islamic affairs of Malaysia, Dr. Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, Muslims care about their source of food more than their source of income.

Source of Income Above Halal/Haram

This means that they would rather go hungry than eat something they aren’t sure is Halal. However, when it comes to how they’re earning money, they don’t care whether it comes through corruption, usury or interest.

This is not a new issue as Pakistani tourists or businessmen, who go to Malaysia or any other country, also face similar issues. They don’t eat anything unless they are sure of its halal.

The Minister said the general public views Islam as something only related to worship while the problem of halal and haram is related to consumption only. He added that,

The concern over halal food and halal labels is paramount. But the similar concerns may not be true when it comes to where the money comes from to buy that halal food. The money they received to buy that food, even if coming from usury, interest, corruption, they don’t care. This is something very much the reality in our society today.

Haram Food Names Don’t Get Certified

A few days ago, Minister Seri Jamil Khir Baharom said that the authorities will not grant a halal certification for any food item with a “haram” name. This includes non-alcoholic beer (the word beer prevents that) or anything with ham, bacon or similar names. According to a Malaysian news agency, the minister said that the phrase “halal beer” goes against the procedure for Malaysia’s halal certification.

Such issues are not limited to Malaysia and similar trends are seen from Muslims around the world. The Malaysian official wanted to raise the issue so that people could understand that the concept of Haram and Halal applies to all things and not just food.

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  • Unfortunately, not only the elite class; even the middle & lower classes have also the same mentality. It’s a fact that corruption is running in the veins of our society. And it’s not some bookish statement, we see it with our own eyes, everyday.

    • Stupid, its not the reality of Islam, its the reality of stupid peoples who don’t actually follow Islam according to its teachings.

    • Jamespond: You should instead say this is the reality of muslims today and not Islam. If muslims are bad that doesn’t means that Islam is bad.

      And even with Muslims we can give a sweeping statement stating all the muslims bad, there are goods and bads in every walk of the life.

      • KMQ Bhai. Despite of agreeing with you, and disagreeing with the above fellow, I have to ask. Which are in the majority? A religion is made up from it’s followers. During the past billions of years, several religions came and vanished.

        Religions are made of their followers, same as nations are made from their citizens. Won’t the majority represent the religion it is following? How can you distance the majority of the followers from the religion they’re following?

        If the majority of the muslims are this way, isn’t that what Islam has actually become by their preachers?

        If there’s a school named Falcon House, and most of it’s students (Majority) are abusive or eat monkeys and cats, while students of Beacon House don’t, would you say DON’T say a word against Falcon House, as it’s teachings are pure, the students have all gone bonkers.

        Yes, good and bad exist everywhere. As long as it’s a minority, it’s fine. The day majority elects Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, then that’s a thing for the world and the humanity to worry. If out of 18 crore people 2 crore are wrong, that’s understandable. If the nation of 18 crore has 17.5 crore as wrong, which are unable to work without breaking the laws of Islam, and can’t live without being bribed and telling lies, then that surely is a thing to worry about, as by calling ourselves muslims, the one thing we’re doing is insulting the name of the religion, institution and our teachers, who we love the most.

        India has 70% hindus, and we know it as a hindu nation. As in hindustan. In almost every aspect of life, majority is what identifies someone or something. If a person is 80% bad and 20% good, you’ll say he’s bad.

        Majority of people following Islam are?

        P.S. I aint even talking about the terrorist orgs, such as ISIS, AQ, TTP, etc.

        Apologies if i’ve unintentionally hurt your sentiments.

  • Negative Thinking & Observation……..Individual’s Bad Manner is not an obligation of Islam….
    If a Doctor/Politician/Policeman/Judge/Engineer involve in Corruption & Fake Degree Holder it does not mean that all doctors & politicians are totally corrupt.

  • Alhumdulilah, we are living in such country where this type of problems are not there, other wise Pakistani Muslim community face similar problem while traveling aboard. In my opinion in the world only two countries are there where this type of problems doesn’t exist that is Saudi Arabia and other is Pakistan. You are lucky if you travel to these two countries and you can blindly eat what ever available in restaurants or at fast food outlets.

    One religious principle could be remembered that our prophet says that when you know that cooking material is HALAL but you have doubt that either it is slaughtered according to the Islamic procedure or not, than do only one thing that say BISMILLAH, ALLAHU AKBER and go ahead and eat by clearing your heart and don’t unnecessarily go in deepness.

    Reference: Ayesha RA asked Rasool Allah, Ya Rasool Allah! We are getting meat from the newly converted Muslims and we don’t know either they have slaughtered it by the Islamic way or not. Rasool Allah says; say BISMILLAH and eat.

    2nd point I would like to clear that earning money by the Haram way, still have certain percentage of Halal in that type of money but HARAM food is totally HARAM and forbidden in Islam. God knows better…………….

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