Punjab to Provide 100,000 Cars to Youth Under New Cab Scheme

The government of Punjab will be launching another cab scheme following the success of the Apna Rozgar scheme launched a few years ago.

Called the “Orange Cab Scheme” the government will provide 100,000 unemployed youth with jobs under this initiative. This was announced in a tweet by the Govt. of Punjab where Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was quoted saying,

Orange Cab Scheme will be launched this year. As per the scheme, one lac cars will be given to unemployed youth.

He added that the framework of the Orang Scheme should be based on an electronic system to avoid corruption or mismanagement of any sort.

Previously the government launched a Yellow Cab scheme during their previous tenure which had thousands of unemployed individuals receive taxis and cabs.

This time around the scheme was known as “Apna Rozgar scheme” and provided around 50,000 cars for the general public. The Chief Minister was quoted in a tweet by the Govt. of Punjab saying,

Government gave 50,000 cars to unemployed youth under Apna Rozgar Scheme

Punjab government is known for its focus on expanding the road infrastructure across the province. If the scheme turns out to be successful we may see a rising number of cars in Punjab.

Punjab government is yet to reveal details on how to grab these cars.

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  • What’s the point of this cab scheme when you know Careem and Uber will wipe out the local taxi system in a few years.

  • Kindly do something for the Electricity Crisis First… For God’s sake change your dumb priorities.

  • If government want to do that scheme again then do not provide napak Suzuki mehran but some decent cars like Toyota vits, but everyone knows government will provide that shit car and facilitate Suzuki

  • By the way what will be the criteria for applying in this scheme?? How much the education will require to get the taxi??? Can unemployed Engineers, Doctors or having MBA degree apply???

  • I don’t get you guys. We just love to criticize every single thing which comes out, sitting on our sorry asses. Talking abt environment, emissions blah blah. And one genius here talked abt Suzuki profits. Where is your source??? I know many people who make their living with these cars. Support their families, send their kids to schools. And you guys are just bitching about pointless things. I don’t care if they are 100 out of 100. Even if they are fifty, its fifty families making their living. N to me, its job well done, period!

    • that because you are as blind as a bat and as dumb as an ass thats what you are , its people like you who do not have a vision or cannot even think about how to shape the future, you are like those corrupt people who gives votes to looters and thugs and appreciate them for their failures and flaws in public, badtameez besharam aadmi choooron ka numainda

      • Two things here, 1st,the way you talk and calling me this n that, even without knowing that i am not N League supporter, I ain’t gonna talk trash, cuz it’s not how my parents brought me up, like your’s. And the second thing here, is giving the credit where it’s due, i don’t care if it’s from any party in particular. I guess you have no idea about what it’s like to support a family, if you did, you had understood. Abba g ki kamae khae jao aur trash talk kiye jao. That’s one way to go…:)

    • I guess singapore, China wagaira bhi esi taxi schemes or sasti roti schemes se e aaj is level pe pohnchay hain.
      Dude u need to study k countries jo hamary bhi baad aai thi, why they are progressing and we are not

      • Bhai jaan Singapore aur China ki baaten baad mai, pehly baheseyat qoam apna ehtsab tou kar lain. Hum log har roz yeh tou taqreer krty rehty k hukmran yeh, hukmran woh, hamara dein kehta ki jesi awam ho gi wesa hukmran bethaya jae ga. Es k baad kuch hai kehny ko???

        • I dont agree, Qoam har jaga ek e hoti hai. That is the law that prevents them from these things. Crime, rapes etc ki ratio US wagaira may ham se kahen zada hai , Agar hamari country jesi no accountability wali situation hoti udhar to as a nation shayad woh ham se b zada corrupt hotay, but the thing is accountability. Law se dar and accountability, yeh woh cheez hain jo unko insaan bana k rakhta hai.
          Jo hamary mulk may nae hai.

          Singapore or china ki example nae lena chahtay na len, then kenya cities ki example le len, you could find big buildings there, zabardast roads and all that. But economy ki value unki b bohat down hai. Kenya is still a thirld world country. Agar raod ,building or taxi scheme se e progress hoti to kenya would have as well

          Just do a favour and search images for nairobi kenya on google
          And compare it to THE LAHORE and THE KARACHI. jisko ham apni country k most developed areas kehte hain

  • Aaao engineer, doctor, professor teachers ka youth aaao punjab government tumhe taxi de chulannay ko aaao mera bacha aur haan vote humain he dena, waisay humaray bachay tau UK main rehtay hain aur waheen purhtay hain …

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