Mobile Data Usage in Pakistan Reaches 65 Petabytes Per Month

Cellular mobile phone users in Pakistan consumed over 65 Petabytes of mobile data during March 2017, latest figures have revealed.

According to details, data usage of Pakistani mobile phone users is growing exponentially — since the launch of 3G/4G services in 2014 — as it reached 65,167 TBs of data during March 2017, up from 29,765 TBs in March 2016.

According to a presentation unveiled by Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, at an event recently, here’s how much data Pakistanis use on their mobile phones:

  • 3G data usage: 43,032 TBs during March 2017
  • 4G data usage: 19,266 TBs during March 2017
  • 2G data usage: 2,869 TBs during March 2017
  • Total Data Usage: 65,167 TBs during March 2017

It must be mentioned here that data usage on 4G connections is now almost half of those consumed by 3G connections, the preferred way of consuming data. Also, 4G users stand at just 4 million compared to some 35 million 3G users.

Also to note, 2G data usage is now finally on the decline as cellular companies have stretched their 3G and 4G networks to wider areas and the demand for 2G data is finally slowing down.

Here are more interesting stats about Pakistani mobile users:

  • Average data usage per day: 2,173 TBs per day
  • Average data usage per day: 2,173,000 GBs per day
  • Average data usage per day: 2,173,000,000 MBs per day

Just in case if you are wondering, data consumption needs are going to grow several hundred times in the near future as currently the average data usage per user per is just around 2MBs. While some users may use a lot of data, others simply don’t.

This indicates that data usage — with current users only — could grow by several hundred percentage points.

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  • Mobile Date. Another propakistani article approved without any proof reading whatsoever. Ineptitude at its best. Keep it up.

    • permalinks should remain permanent. it’s in the name. he shouldn’t go out of his way to change that. the title is what matters and he’s made the correction there unlike in past instances where he wouldn’t even change that.

  • These stats shows atleast 45% to 50% 3G/4G data is being used by Zong users. And few stupids will still ask about source.

  • 4G is so much faster than 3G yet the volume usage is half. As more and more users migrate to 4G the volume consumed will explode. All those new submarine cables that are coming online will be put to good use.

  • There is no way on earth Pakistani 2g users can consume 2,869 TB in one month. So its fake report

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