Microsoft Recommends Not To Install the Latest Windows 10 Update

Despite the hype and anticipation which preceded it, it appears that the latest Windows Creators Update is off to a bad start. While it may not affect the mainstream users directly, it appears that people who install the updates manually (read: advanced users) are reportedly getting issues.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is recommending users to wait for the final release that is available through Windows Update itself. This is to iron out any kinks in the Creator’s update before it rolls out. According to an official statement,

We continue to recommend (unless you’re an advanced user who is prepared to work through some issues) that you wait until the Windows 10 Creators Update is automatically offered to you.

Bugs and Instability Issues

Microsoft for its part has acknowledged the presence of bugs and instability issues (such as connectivity with Bluetooth LE devices), citing it as the reason why the update is taking longer than usual to reach most users.

While newer systems are already getting updated for the most part (starting with the Surface lineup), the older users are flocking to install the update by themselves on their PCs, which quite often is leading to bricked systems.

How to Fix

Not all hope is lost for users who are in a limbo; those who face these issues can navigate to the Start Menu and choose ‘Update & security’ under Settings. The recovery link will help you roll back to the previous version as long as you haven’t cleared the storage used by the feature or have it turned off by default.

The update, which was made available weeks back is available on just 10% of all Windows 10 computers worldwide, a number which is slowly but surely growing. A majority of Windows 10 users are likely to wait and get the stable build instead of jumping the gun.

  • I have disabled windows updates since they launched anniversary update. That damn thing couldn’t install after even 5 attempts.

    • I was facing same problem with aniversiry edition. Installation require a lot of space. New windows takes space along with old windows plus plenty of empty space required. Make sure you have c drive of 100gb or more for trouble free and smooth windows experience.
      Make sure you have more than 60gb of free space in c drive before you start installing new version of windows. Other wise its possible that new windows version update may not install successfully.Once its done go to c drive properties and disk clean up and you can choose to delete previous windows version to free up c drive space for future updates.
      I hope this will help you. There may be other reasons of failure to install. But i had this disk space problem and solved it by increasing c drive size .

      • Plus i am using windows insider prog on my both laptops. And one cannot switch off windows updates in preview builts. So in my case updates are installed automaticaly. I cant stop or opt out . I just keep my c drive clean manually. And i get all the preview builts of windows and latest updates by default. Its working just fine . No problem what so ever

  • Installed via Windows update and working perfect . though there was an issue but resolved with third party tweak :-)

  • Users won’t get the update if a specific model of device crashes or doesn’t work as expected. Then, Microsoft will not release the Creators Update to all other such devices to avoid other users from getting hit by that issue or bug.

    And BTW, I have installed Windows 10 Creators Update on a 6 year old Core 2 Duo laptop and it works perfectly fine on it! The chances of crash is 1 in hundred!

  • wow another stupid click bait….. yay!

    “Microsoft Recommends Not To Install the Latest Windows 10 Update”


    they only said ” don’t install manually” due to a single “yet” problem found with Bluetooth (specific model/version) and they have stopped update only “FOR THAT MODEL PC/LAPTOPS”

    PS: anyone having issues installing should download full ISO from Microsoft direct and upgrade.

  • I manually installed creators update. Only 1 issue found i.e. Finger print scanner not working

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