PIA Launches a Digital Crew App

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has just launched a Digital Crew app for its flight crew staff. The digital solution is especially designed for the cockpit crew. It will work as an automated cabin crew flight observation log and information hub.

Prior to this, cabin crew had to carry large bags and suitcases to log in their flying hours. After the new solution, they will only need a tablet or a smartphone with the Digital Crew app pre-installed. The staff can then register the necessary data through the app.

The crew will also be able to fill rosters and technical manuals during a flight. The app will enable the flight staff to receive online and offline technical support, receive and deliver timely information by integrating with the system and even calculate fuel costs and efficiency allowances.

PIA has been trying to modernize its routine tasks. The use of Digital Crew app is a step in the same direction. The project was headed by Chief Information Officer PIA, Azhar Nawaz.

Thanks to its new digitization efforts, PIA’s work environment will be integrated with state of the art technology so the airline can go completely paperless in the coming years. At least that is the general idea here and the Digital Crew app represents a small but laudable step towards that.

PIA’s crew can download the smartphone and tablet app for supported iOS devices here.

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  • Digital Crew App :
    Kiya Hum (As A Passenger) Apps Chala Sakty Hai : Flight K Andar : Ya Jab Flight Upper Hawa Main Ho ?
    Air Line to Mobile Phone During flight Mana Karti hai !
    Crew Staff Phir Q Mobile Use Karegy !

    • Flight crew uses this app in the ipad. The crew downloads the latest flight plans in the flight dispatch and then can input flight log information in the app while the device is in airplane mode so it does interfere with the communication and navigation systems of the airplane. Passengers can also use their smartphones provoded they are in airplane mode and that they are not used during takeoff and landings.


  • What about the “no use of electronics” in flights? I know they asked you to power-off while takeoff and landing but thats’ the time most technical faults are noticed.

    Imagine PIA while landing :
    Captain to second pilot : Bhai Paiya jaam ho gya hy. Me App use kerta hon

    While APP is loading internet fails to connect : PTCL FTWWW
    Second Pilot : Bhai Announcement kerdo jaldi se, App use kerne se PIA crash ho rahi hy, PIA pe baat nahi ani chaheye
    Announcement : Sab log kalma parh lain

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