Pakistan Received $5.27 Billion in Loans and Grants During Nine Months of 2016-17

The country provisionally received $5.27 billion i.e. 65 percent of budgeted estimates of foreign assistance from multilateral and bilateral donors in the current financial year (July-March).

The Economic Affaires Division (EAD) data revealed that government borrowed $115 million in the month of March from Noor Bank PJSC for budgetary support, bringing the borrowing from commercial banks to $1.315 billion in the current financial year.

The government had borrowed $300 million from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited in the month of January. Ministry of Finance has finalized arrangements for $600 million commercial loan from two Chinese banks to be utilized for balance of payments and budgetary support and received $300 million in January.

Further the country borrowed $200 million from Noor Bank PJSC for budgetary support and $700 million from China Development Bank as non-project aid during the month of September.

In addition, the government issued Sukuk of one billion dollar at a 6.5 percent rate of return during the period under review. The government has also borrowed $19 million from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in the current financial year which was not budgeted as per the EAD data. The data shows that government borrowed $5 million from the Eco Trade Bank in the month of February which was not budgeted.

The EAD data shows that country received $5.271 billion in the current fiscal year against $5.402 billion during the same period of last showing a decline of $131 million.

The government has budgeted foreign assistance of $7.998 billion for 2016-17 including grants and loans against $9.18 billion budgeted for 2015-16. The budgeted estimates include a significant amount of $2.005 billion loan from commercial banks for 2016-17.

The country received $192.13 million in the month of March including $179.66 million loans and $12.46 million grants. The latest figures show that the country provisionally received $4.926 billion in loans and $345.58 million grant in the current fiscal year.

Pakistan received $1.033 billion from China in the current fiscal year including $0.75 million in the month of March against the budgeted $572.3 million for the current financial year. The country had received $615.66 million from China during the same period of last year.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) disbursed $851.48 million in the current financial year including $30.47 million in the month of March against the budgeted estimates of $1048.2 million for the current fiscal year i.e. 81 percent.

International Development Association (IDA) disbursed $156.19 million including $9.69 million in the month of March i.e. 10 percent of the budgeted estimates of $1.468 billion, IDB (S-Term) disbursed $327 million i.e.72 percent of the budgeted estimates of $452 million and USA disbursed $69.16 million including $6.88 million in the month of March i.e. 62 percent of the budgeted estimates of $111.41 million.

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) disbursed $177.47 million including $23.14 million in the month of March against the budgeted estimates of $62.48 million for the current fiscal year, UNHCR disbursed $0.65 million, IDB $63.47 million, Japan disbursed $42.8 million against the budgeted $77.13 million for the current fiscal year and UK released $139.97 million including $3.27 million in March. EU disbursed $17.84 million in the current financial year against the budgeted estimates of $51.12 million.

Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) disbursed $1.1 million in March under the head of grant, bringing the total disbursement to $17.04 million in the current fiscal year against the budgeted estimates of $18.75.

The country received no assistance from France, Korea, Norway, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UNDP and Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) during the period under review.

    • Thank you for borrowing you should say.All borrowed for the well being of Mr. Dar or Nawaz because only few families those are gone to billions increase in their assets.You should see the hospitals the system in the hospitals in Sindh,Punjab.

      • Very typical line it is without a proof.
        There are mega mega projects currently in execution phase (we see change around us) but why no concrete corruption proofs given in any of these? With respect they are doing business even your and my birth. Pakistan’s procurement regulatory rules are good enough to see any deviation in selection of bidders for projects and during execution of projects. Such deviation was in PPP era and was in media with solid proofs. For example If you know someone in management of NHA you can ask them if award processes are transparent, this will give you an idea.

        Only allegations as I do not like face of a person isn’t the right and positive approach.
        At the end when argument ends naming starts.

        P.S. If you want to name me as patwari or anything you can, I know one hadith on this though.

        • Koi Noon walay bi doodh se dhulay huay ni hain, jantay ho na yay ap bi? To faltu ki behas qn krte rhte ho hmesha? Sure we should praise them where they have really succeeded but everyone knows not everything is transparent with these so called democratic governments. Whether it is PPP, PML-N or PTI, all are same in this regard. Koi zyada kaam krke dhkadeta pr sath mein kha rha hta h, koi blkul bi show ni krta koi taraki or phr sb ko uski corruption yad ajati h. Thora sa kam krke dhkado to hum bht khush hjatay hain and we start to defend them like there’s no tomorrow. A lot of ahadees can be found regarding this too so kindly don’t use hadees as a weapon here. Jsi koum, wsa hukumraan.

          P.S: And if you ask me, yahan bs baaryan lgti hain or kchni hta. I’m pretty sure if some other party had won the election, all these so called ‘tarakyati mansoobay and mega projects’ will still be underway. We would still be seeing these so called advancements. Yeah sure, no orange train or that stuff. Yay bs soch hai hmari k government nay kch kr dhkaya, they all are the same. Can you say for sure there is transparency in every thing they do? Can you really, sir? If not, then I don’t see any reason to defend them.

      • Bhai. It was sarcasm. They have done nothing except borrowing and making their own properties. I wonder instead of triggering some patwari why it triggered you.

    • This is favorite topic of ProPakistani and every couple of weeks this topic is discussed. But it will be good to mention what mega projects are underway, what government has achieved or where it has failed (where money is wasted).

      • konsy mega project?
        Hyderabad karachi highway beth gaya wo? DAM band ho gaya wo? nandipur powerplant? Solar plant? bhakar plant?

        agar itna hi taklay per piyar aata hy to zara un mega projects k naam or kaam to ginwao

    • shaikh ul notanki
      Nabi Pak ka naam lekar jhoot bol diya k 65 saal ki umar me mar jaonga, ab zara bata do k jhoota kon huwa baghairat shykh ul fasad bin yahood o kafaar

  • wow, what an achievement by PMLN. They should run advertisements on this marvelous achievement.

    Fact : That’s all they did in 4 years, loans and more loans and who’s gonna repay the debt?
    People should wake up especially the Patwari group!

    • Brother Patwaari Community is busy in Eating Special Donkeys of Lahore Don’t Expect such thing from Donkeys Community they are only good at Donkeys Biryani They are the most stupid Donkeys in the entire world otherwise they would wake up ages ago after Panama Issue still they are supporting Mian incompetent Nawaz the most corrupt and incompetent Donkey in the world

      • Do not give bad names to other Muslims –Hadith.

        Allow me to say what other side is doing? Dancing on music ? What have they achieved?
        If Pakistanis pay taxes like Indian then loan borrowing will make no sense. But power generation projects alone from where govt will bring funds for them? Now if you say there is no electricity yes you will be right….no electricity where there is electric theft.

        In my area we have no power outage as recovery rate is 100%.

        • yaar roz ka jo minimum kharcha hy us me kitna tax pay karty ho zara khud hi calculate kar k bata do

          • Dear Kashif,
            I am an overseas Pakistani, I pay tax on my property in Pakistan and my exports from Pakistan are completely legal. I send remittances through banking channels only. What else you want to know?

            You remind me of customs official in Pakistan who had to apologize later for stopping a shipment from Pakistan recently :)

            • Dear I asked the question based on your statement “If Pakistanis pay taxes like Indian then loan borrowing will make no sense”
              Just want you to realize that not only you but every Pakistani is paying TAX even for purchasing ROTI. Where a normal person purchase ROTI in RS5/- but in assembly it is only RS1/-
              So don’t make these types of statements just to cover corrupt politicians.
              Hope you understand now.
              And yes, I don’t need you apology at all. Cheers!!!

    • tell me something how are you supposed to run a country where nobody is willing to pay tax and yet they demand hospital,schools and etc.. not saying taking loan is a good thing but what are the options? screen ke peecha beth kar 2 minute mein comment hur koi kar sakta hai 18 crore awam or itna idara smbhala asan kam nae hai Sir!!

      • Sure. I’ll tell you :
        Who was responsible to reform the tax system in the country? Institutions like FBR etc? The people who don’t pay taxes belong to the elite class like Nawaz Sharif and co. I don’t know how can you not see! the ordinary person is paying more taxes indirectly and the elite class doesn’t pay taxes! one has to be blind to ignore this fact.

        PMLN ne nhi bola tha we are experianced people, NS 3rd time PM bna hai aur yeh haal hai. Kidhar gya experience? situation dekhi hai PIA,Pakistan Steel and dosry idarun ki? Punjab main 10 saal hone waly hain musalsal aur in say Police tk theek nhi huwe na education or na Health. But loans lay ker orange train bnao aur mehngy project say paisay bnao or Panama lay jao ! PMLN has got more loans even they beat Zardari govt which was the worst gov in our history!

        Screen kay pechay beth ker PMLN kay defense ki achi koshish thi.

        • Punjab can’t be compared with any other province. If you are driving all knowledge from Google then you can only taunt. Even on this website you will see what Punjab government alone has achieved.

          Have you ever registered a company with SECP ?Have you been interacting with FBR ? If yes then we can talk more to tell you change they brought under this government, if not then it will be useless to compare the positive implementations they have brought.

          • I was expecting you, don’t wanna call names like Patwari but you know this already where we stand.
            Punjab is super duper, the best police, the best education, the best health,the best local gov system and so on! Sounds good as a joke! I have named a few achievements you can confirm if this really happened.

            What change? FBR like other state institutions is in bad condition but NAB is the superstar and how supreme court praised it, should I repeat those words here? PIA is rocking rolling and so does Pakistan Steel. The import-export is at historic position.

            Arguing with a Patwari is like talking to a wall. I already know this but meh!

        • alright ill accept these flaws , sure most of the institutions are not doing their job right and pmln is responsible for not bringing enough revelations but at least they are doing something cpec,motorways etc.. id gladly support any other leader who is willing to do better than them , what choice do i have now support Imran Khan!!??( Islamabad ko band karna or container pe charh kar dosray hukmurano keh bare mein yeh kehna ke inka toh shalwaron mein peeshab nikal gaya hai ) or Asif Zardari jwhich was the worst gov in Pak history / Masla pti or pmln ka nae hai masla leaders ka hai hmare pas leader nae hain

          • Mate, I only mentioned a few of these since many other severe issues can be pointed out which are seriously affecting this country. PMLN has 3rd time power in Federel Gov and 6 times in Punjab but still they couldn’t reform national institutions. Do you know, in Musharraf Era Pakistan Steel was in profits?
            “Those who destroy the system and institutions can never reform them ” This applies to PMLN and PPP and others who benefit from this corrupt system.
            China already proposed OBOR in 2010 and they have been talking about it for a while now but the implementation started in 2013.

            support whomsoever you want and similarly vote whoever you want, it’s simply your choice.
            Imran Khan came on streets after using every other platform to get relief since every single party complained about fixed elections even PMLN but no one was ready to do anything. Similarly, on Panama case, do you know what Khawaja Asif said in Assemebly ” Mian shb fikar nah krou, log jaldi panama ko bhool jain gay” if it was not Imran Khan, Panama would have been buried by now. This is clear as day! don’t just see those actions but the reasons which forced them to do so!
            What Imran Khan has said is nothing what NS has said about Benazir and Ghulam Ishaq Khan in the past, a kind of language which cannot be repeated. Should I attach some YT links here?
            Zardari is the worst in every comparison but the debts he got in his years have already been surpassed by PMLN in 2.5 years! That only indicates PMLN is even worse than PPP.
            You have clearly identified about the problem in Pakistan as not having a leader. so how can we know who’s a leader? What’s the criteria?

            Let me put forward some facts, compare Punjab Police and KP Police, we know KP Police is the best among all provinces, what PTI was able to do in first term, PMLN could not done it in 6 Terms.
            Think and Ponder why!
            Allah has given you a brain to think and reflect and support whosoever you think is better after taking these facts into consideration.

      • bhai tu bhi calculate kar k bata dy k roz k miminum kharchay me kitna tax pay karty ho takay humko bhi pata chal jaye

  • We should not forget the foreign companies that were confident in pmln and launched their services from ride hailing to video streaming services like Netflix, iflix etc all was made possible by new policies adopted by pmln which created a path for these companies to launch their services in Pakistan. I am not saying pmln is best but the fact is they were the one who made all these things possible.

  • uff, Imagine the interest and payments on it, and ask where did the money go. You will get the same reply. “Hum ghareebo kay liye jang lar rahay hain, aur yeh jang lartay lartay hum khud bohut ameer ho chukay hain”

  • Lootmar is on the only thing they have done du
    ring their rule.Unfortunate country.

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