Telenor Records 10% Growth in Revenues [Updated]

Telenor Pakistan posted 10% growth in revenues in local currency for first quarter of 2017.

Telenor posted revenues of PKR 25.17 billion during Q1 2017, up from Rs. 22.92 billion during the same period last year.


Telenor, in its earning report for Q1 2017, said that EBITDA increased by 25%; mainly driven by increased revenues from data and international traffic and cost efficiency measures.

Company’s overall ARPUs fell 2%, still the subscription and traffic revenues reached PKR 20.34 billion during the reported period, up from PKR 18.60 billion during the same period last year.

This increase in revenue is mainly due to 9% higher subscription base by the end of first quarter as compared to last year.

Telenor said that it crossed 40 million mark for its Mobile cellular customers as the number of subscriptions increased by 623,000 during the first quarter of 2017 only.

Postpaid ARPUs decreased from PKR 532 per user per month during Q1 2016 to just PKR 508 per user per month. At the end of first quarter, company’s postpaid subscriptions hovered around 471K mark.

Below are financial highlights from the reported quarter:

An earlier version of this story erroneously said that Telenor’s revenue decreased during Q1 2017. But since Tameer Bank accounts are now maintained separately, and they are not accounted in this years’ financials, Telenor Pakistan actually grew its revenues by around 10%.

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  • This had to happen since the Current Management has deputed their boot lickers and some clueless Managers who don’t know how to react to the changing environment of Telecom Sector. Specially the Technology division is doomed, Firings in Q1 , incompetent Promotions, zero motivation

  • NO DOUBT ….if they are downseizing their staff for no reason then they might end up shutting down their HQ and and other office in pakistan. AS TODAY A RECENT RAID OF EXICSE AND TEXATION AT Head office Lahore resulting the closeure/ seized the office for undefinate period which will create panic and insecurity just becasue of the poor and incompitent management at alll the levels. HATS OFF TO TELENOR. REST IN PEACE

  • I think the title of your article says there’s a decline but if you look at the financial numbers there’s an increase in revenue. Please sort out the discrepancy – either the title is incorrect and revenue has grown or the numbers stated are incorrect (which is unlikely as they are from the official quarterly report).

  • No doubt a lot of things could have caused this, and no doubt standing up to humanity, standing up against atrocities, injustice, brutality and oppression could help save the day. Try to look around Telenor and be smart, don’t be like Nokia who kept itself in “denial” till it jumped off the window. If this drop was because of wrong practices within your work-community, the right practices within the Rohingya community will surely help polish the dust off your image… You could use this opportunity to turn things 180 degrees around. It will also make you feel good to save an oppressed community, to stand on the side of justice and truth. How difficult can it be to just say the right things and do the right things? Why are you so silent and slow?? What is holding you down??

  • What a low life jackass of a blogger. You are a disgrace for all journalists. Did you even read the report before filing the story or were you so drunk with the bribes you received from other companies that you typed as you were told. Pathetic

  • Down marginally, Telenor posted revenues of PKR 25.17 billion during Q1 2017, up from Rs. 22.92 billion during the same period last year.

    what stupidity is this – Down Marginally while its growing from 22 to 25 :O

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