Orient’s Lifetime Warranty is Back

In the beginning of 2017, Orient introduced Lifetime Warrantee on its DC Inverter ACs which blew the customers away. The Offer proved to be a huge success, so much so that the customers would ask about it again and again. Thus Orient has returned with its Superhit Lifetime Warrantee offer on public demand to enthrall Pakistanis and make this summer the coolest yet!

Cool as Cucumber this Ramzan

The blessed month of Ramzan can be quite challenging in summers, however, you won’t even notice the hot weather; once indoors; thanks to Orient DC Inverter AC’s powerful cooling. It adjusts itself speedily according to the desired temperature no matter how hot it is.

With its ‘biggest in the market’ indoor unit and air throw that expands as far as 50 feet, it will cool the whole room in no time. Rest assured that the beloved month of Ramzan will be spent in absolute bliss with Orient’s Inverter AC!

What Electricity Bill?

You know when it is a DC Inverter AC you may save some money, but when it is Orient’s DC Inverter AC you will save money for sure! Orient’s Inverter AC can help you cut the electricity cost up to 60 percent making it not only light on your pocket all summers long but also better for the environment!

Return of the Lifetime Warrantee

More like the return of the King! This royal offer will not only let you enjoy the summer season but also diminish all your worries related to a troubling compressor with the mighty Lifetime Warrantee offer. The name of the offer says it all, this warrantee on ALL DC Inverter ACs will last you not one, not five, not even ten, but your whole life! So what are you waiting for?

  • Life time warranty ki kitni life hai? yeh aaj tak nahi bataya gaya na hi company ki taraf se na hi sponsored post chapnay walon ki taraf se.

    • Usually it’s until that product is manufactured, and orient wont be selling that same model for long time, once model-number changes, technically lifetime warranty of older model ends, even if it’s just the model number change.

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