Imran Khan Endorses Careem for Promising 25,000 Jobs in Peshawar

In a move to improve people’s lives while placing itself as an institution that inspires, Careem is creating jobs by appealing to new demographics, streamlining their processes and opening its doors even further in Peshawar.

Since Careem has been dedicated to positively and meaningfully impacting the communities in which it operates, this time around it has taken upon itself to change perspectives with regards to the service industry. Commonly there has been a stigma attached to service jobs (Careem Captaincy for instance) that leads to only a particular set of people applying for them. In an effort to change this type of thinking Careem is now recruiting from the masses.

It sketches an interesting view of this offering where anyone who becomes a Captain would possess an enriched life through monetary returns with the only downside being copious gossip. People around these individuals (society) would ultimately question the source of this increase in incomes.

This new take on recruitment should appeal to a new demographic so that college goers, part time workers, freelancers or essentially anyone ready to make extra change and willing to choose their own work hours, take Careem’s Captaincy for what it really is. If the appeal of extra money and flexible work hours is not enough, Careem has sweetened the pot by streamlining its recruitment process.

Interested candidates need only to upload their documents from the comfort of their home and be able to book a training slot right away. This should surely lead to an increase in supply of Captains as previously candidates would have to trudge their way to Careem’s offices in in their respective cities, in order to start the same process.

At the moment Careem is recruiting from the all metropolises — where it operates — in the hopes that the trend opens up to other cities as well.

The recent launch in Peshawar is a testament to how Careem plans to lay strong roots locally. With the promise to create 25,000 jobs in Peshawar, Careem has caught the attention of Imran Khan who has publicly stated his appreciation for the company’s efforts in the country and promised to make laws for ride-hailing services.

  • Dont we have our own slogan,,, This is Dearest uncle Trump slogan make America Great again.. And its suits to america because once it was… Pakistan was never great since day of Independence…!!

  • 25000 drivers means 12500 cars as a ride hailing service.. . i think these numbers are from whole kpk

  • Imran Khan Ne Uber Walo K Sath Na Insaafi Ki Hai
    Hum Adalat Tak Jaengy : Or Court Jo Faisal Karegi Wo Hamay Manzoor Hoga

    Mayrum Nawaz

  • but not every owner has driver or can afford a driver :P Mostly drive by themselve.

  • Thanks to PMLN for having 3G / 4G and provided the oppurnity to have employment. Thanks PMLN and NS.

    • And many more thanks PML-N and NS for selling the spectrum of 3G and 4G (that belonged to the people of Pakistan) and filling your pockets with the money that you raised with it, and buying new Flats in London and saving all that money in Panama.

      Thanks for providing(provided) the opportunity(oppurnity) for (to have) employment for your kids Maryam and Hasan, Hussain Nawaz.

      I wish PML-N invested the money they raised by the Auction of 3G/4G spectrum in education and teaching of such illiterate patwaris, as that would’ve been the ONLY way this nation would have prospered.

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