Xiaomi Just Introduced High Tech Underwear

If there’s one thing people accuse Chinese powerhouse manufacturer Xiaomi of, its definitely this – the company just wants to make a ton of different products. They just don’t do phones but also lights, weighting scales, headphones and what not.

But its latest production is guaranteed to make competitors and fans questioning their strategy since the company faces huge losses. As pundits opine that the Chinese manufacturer should not stretch itself too much, guess what they do? They go ahead and do the unthinkable.

Summer is here and that was reason enough for Xiaomi to introduce its latest product – a made-for-comfort ‘high-tech’ underwear. Talk about stretching it too far.

You heard that right! Xiaomi’s high-tech underwear is built for ensuring that you go about your daily routine with minimal hassles. And by minimal, the company means that its latest in undergarment fashions keeps you cool and comfy in the most brutal of summers (such as in Pakistan).

The company swears that its high-tech undies work by taking care of sweat by absorbing it and leaving you cool. Dubbed as ‘Cottonsmith’, the new underwear will be available for both males and females. Xiaomi says that its Wicking Windows ™ Technology speeds up drying time and pulls moisture away from your body.

Xiaomi claims its new underwear dries 40% faster than other regular underwears.

 All stretchy and comfy puns aside, let’s take a look at how much it will cost you.

The Cottonsmith underwear will sell for a cool $10 to $15 when it starts shipping from June 19. It will come in a metallic cylindrical case that will hold 3 neatly folded underwears. It comes in four different sizes for each gender, ranging from small to XXL. And yes, like most customizable products, you too can choose from a variety of colors from white, gray, pink, blue and more.

Here is the size chart which Xiaomi’s press release contained

Xiaomi might be stretching this one too far. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from the maverick Chinese company haven’t we? Only time will tell if the latest product to come out of Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform is a hit or a miss.

Image via STFW.ru

Story via Gizmochina

    • First thought yehi aya meray b mind main. Sunglasses, Umbrella, Coffee maker or ub underwear :)

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    موسم گرما میں انڈرگارمنٹس حقیقتاً ہر کسی کا مسئلہ ہوتا ہےلیکن تم لوگوں کا کھانا ہضم نہیں ہوتا دوسروں پر تنقید کیے بغیر..

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  • does it support fast charging? how long can you MILK the battery as a power-user.. OH THE PUNS.. THE PUNS… :D

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  • “Xiaomi claims its new underwear dries 40% faster than other regular underwears.” – WOW!!! How HIGH-TECH is that… :D

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