Female PIA Employee Beats ASF Officials at Karachi Airport [Video]

A woman, Ruqaiyya Soomro, was allegedly harassed at Karachi airport on Thursday which led to another scandalous viral video as the woman started beating the airport staff.

The incident took place at Jinnah International Airport’s departure lounge. Ruqaiyya Soomro wanted to go to the waiting lounge but she was stopped by an ASF officer in plain clothes. The lady was outraged and claimed that the man harassed her. She slapped the ASF officer and then attacked another one.

A video, recorded by a staff member, shows the lady misbehaving with Airport Security Force (ASF) personnel. Take a look at the video below:

However, initial reports suggest that the video is incomplete and does not tell the whole story. Ruqaiyya Soomro is actually Pakistan International Airlines’ Assistant Manager and she got angry when the ASF official refused to let her go after noticing that she possessed an expired ID card.

The lady was taken to another room by a female ASF officer to resolve the matter. Interestingly, no complaint has been filed by either the ASF or the female PIA official.

Sources suggest that ASF admitted that even though Ruqaiyya Soomro’s card had expired, the officers did not handle the matter appropriately.

PIA has taken notice of the incident and launched an inquiry asking for the CCTV footage of the incident. On the other hand, ASF and the CAA haven’t launched any official investigation on the matter.

A few weeks ago, an FIA constable and two female passengers were involved and the videos went viral on social media forcing FIA and other authorities to take notice. The FIA official was dismissed even before the investigation was completed.

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  • I feel sorry for the guy she’s married with !!! man what a character,, wonder what her husband will be feeling like right now ?

  • Yahan pay aaty hein 10 minute time pas k liy
    To koi na koi nawa katta khulaa hota ha yahan

  • Geo’s ASF source said that she was touched and harassed :/
    Agar s**ual harrasment ka case hai to khatoon ne sahi kia aur agar aisa nhi to khatoon ko bhi waise hi sab k saamnay chamaat maarna chahiay.
    Sach ab Allah hi janay!

    • Bhai pagal ho gay ho:D… s***al harassment anti ki age or size dekha hai jo koi bewaqoof cheray ga:D.

  • Why do these videos always have to be recorded with a potato?

    The quality sucks.

  • To be honest… Many of Aj kal ki Pakistani aurtein apne ap ko pata nahi kya samajhne lag gai hain… ke jaise wo kuch bhi karein koi un ko kuch nahi keh sakta kyunki Islam main or Pakistan main “Aurton pe haath uthana” is prohibited…. Or sath hi wo gender equality and equal rights bhi mangti hain,…. to phir maar bhi equally khaein…
    Now I dont know the background of this but agar to aurat bila waja ka rob dhons rahi hai to rakh ke banday ko ek taphha karana chahiye tha ke aqal thikanay aa jati… and to set an example… regardless of the fact ke log kya kahein ge…

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