Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Yayvo Shopping Day (19th to 22nd May)

With the revelation of #IsMay campaign that recently took the Pakistani social media by storm, Yayvo announced the launch of its upcoming Shopping Day campaign on the weekend starting 19th May. Now is your chance to get jaw dropping discounts across market leading brands for fashion, smart phones, makeup, skin care, home decor, kitchen appliances, smart phones, tablets and much much more at discounts up to 75% off. Yayvo wasn’t kidding when it said “deals esi ke #RahaNaJae”.

Get your gear ready – the wait is finally over; mark your calendars to get your hands on the best of Yayvo’s Shopping Day deals and offers. It’s time to get your checklist ready. To ensure you get the best bang for your buck, here are little things that will make Yayvo Shopping Day a breeze and keep you ahead of the game:

  • SIGN UP and register yourself on beforehand for a faster checkout. The process is as easy as it gets, simply enter your name, email address and Mobile number to get started. Set your password and you’re all set.

To bring you the very best, Yayvo Shopping Day Bank Partners listed below are giving additional discounts up to 30% off (terms & conditions apply)!

Which brings us to the next tip.

  • Online Card Activation – Make sure your credit and debit cards are active for online transactions. Yayvo has discounts on Silk Bank credit cards, UBL credit & debit cards, MCB debit cards and Meezan Bank debit cards. All you have to do is call your respective bank and open your card for online transactions. You will be asked for a few details for confirming your identity. Your card will then be active! More information here:

    • MCB Card Holders: Call 021-111000622 for card activation
    • UBL Card Holders: Call 111-825-888 for card activation
    • For Silk Bank and Meezan Bank card holders – you can use your card directly on!

This reduces chances of cancellations and losing out on the best deals. This is your golden ticket to additional discounts. #NoJokes.

  • Get your JazzCash Mobile Wallet and EasyPay Mobile Account ready and activated for the event, as you will have great discounts on both! Learn the process of making transactions by heart.
  • Subscribe at How does that help? You will get quick updates as soon new deals go live. It’s super convenient to be honest.
  • Internet Connectivity – This one’s a sure heart attack inducer; fix your internet connectivity issues prior to the sale. There’s nothing worse than not getting your favorite goodies only because they’re sold out.

Karachi customers will get Subzi Phal vouchers with all orders on our Superstore products. Wohoo! As if this wasn’t exciting enough, wait for it… All orders, from Karachi and Lahore, above Rs. 1,000 will receive a Vouch 365 gift card.

What are you waiting for? Ab #RahaNaJae, get started today to snag the best deals at rock bottom prices. Subscribe now at

  • Propakistani please stop promoting such fraud websites for mere some currency notes which are looting customers on the name of discounts.

  • Bhai ye kehna kia chah rahay hain post mien? Internet theek karwanay ka mashwara to end per aisay day rahay hain jaisay koi uHD tv 1000 rupay ka denay lagai houn aur hum ptcl ki wja sy chuk na jayien ?

  • Only 1 way to get most from shopping day:
    see price before sale
    see price after
    notice before discount price on sale day is not same
    notice fraud
    quit website

  • I have bought a lot of stuff from Yayvo, including Infinix HOT S from Yayvo 13,500 (That was 17000 at that time) on a shopping event, and those freebies on Yayvo, I love them.
    Price Jacking is everywhere, on every online site. (you can check aliexpress and bestbuy as example)and its because of 3rd party sellers. Use your common sense, stop complaining and focus on the positive side.

  • You must prepare your website first because your website will go down on this occasion due cheap hosting. :)

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