Uber Launches in Faisalabad

Keeping true to its rapid expansion promises, Uber is launching its services in Faisalabad.

This is the fifth city they have launched in during the last 3 weeks. Overall, Uber now operates in 7 cities in Pakistan.

The company recently announced over $500 million of investment in Pakistan in the next three years. The aggressive expansion by Uber is evident of their plans.

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As always, you can expect a promotional offer for riders in Faisalabad. Booking a ride should be a familiar experience. When you book a ride you will be able to see the driver’s photo, the license plate, type of car and their exact location on the map in real time.

Another useful feature is “Share my ETA” which lets you share your location with friends and family with an estimated time of arrival.

This is a developing story, we will add rates and promotional offer details as they are released.

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      • Every ride certificated by Uber/Pakwheels whether 660cc or 1800cc, is eligible.

      • i used mira 660cc via careem a couple of days ago in lahore so i dont think it matters..yes ,mehran doesnt have a better AC, obviously that may matter

        • True. All ported numbers have sms issues. My number has been ported to all networks except ufone and although its now back at parent network but still I am receiving advertisement sms for all previous networks.

          • I meant Uber have SMS sending issue to MNP users.

            Email your other networks to stop sending you advertisements. I have ported to all networks 3+ times each, except Ufone. Have no network related SMS issues.

            • Well, for me I missed sms alerts from banks etc when on MNP. It seems MNP sims have sms routing issues.

  • Guys, plz forward to friends in Faisalabad. Uber is giving unlimited guarantee in first four months at a rate of 262 Rs (after deduction of 25% from 350). We as special vendors get a higher rate and this offer 375 Rs flat per hour guarantee if you register your vehicle with our fleet for Uber. We will also provide you free of charge consultancy on how to keep your driver’s ratings up and get the max out of the guarantee period. For first three weeks we will be offering free car registration with Uber without hastling you to take rounds on Uber office. We will be visiting Faisalabad on this Saturday, so stop thinking and get yourself a reservation to discuss. Further details on Rizwan 03369776464

  • Tested first time UBER (FREE Ride) from Chiniot Bazar to Ameen Park (PC 2), Faisalabad . It’s amazing and avaiable really fast. It’s free from Friday to Sunday. (19-20-21:May:2017) – Enjoy it. Thanks to my boss for signup with credit card.

  • is uber offering 350/hour gurantee in faisalabad for new venders?

  • close