Xiaomi Launches a Smart Surveillance Camera & Ceiling Lamp

Do you own a nifty Chinese gadget that you can’t find anywhere else? Chinese companies have a knack for making these and Xiaomi is no exception.


This time around the smartphone (and gadget) maker is launching a smart ceiling lamp and a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera under its Mijia brand.

The PTZ camera is built primarily for surveillance purposes while the smart lamp was made in collaboration with Philips.

Both of these products will be available in China only for now, with the Chinese manufacturer hoping to bring it into other markets soon.

Let’s take a look at what features Xiaomi has brought with its new products.

PTZ Camera

The camera is an ideal candidate for home surveillance due to its 360 degree rotation capability. The rotation and zoom for the camera can be remotely controlled. Normally PTZ cameras have their remote controls sold separately, but Xiaomi however is bundling it with the camera. It goes up to HD 720p resolution for crisp quality.


The PTZ camera has a dual-axis rotational head allowing it to move up and down as well as side to side at the same time. It is available in white color only and has a single viewing angle of 115 degrees.

Xiaomi has set the price for this product at a mere 199 Yuan (~Rs. 3,000) which is ridculously cheap for a surveillance camera.

Smart Lamp

The second gadget being debuted is a smart lamp that Xiaomi has built in collaboration with Philips. The two companies signed a partnership deal last year on developing smart home lighting products.

As the name suggests the smart lamp is capable of automatically adjusting its brightness according to the lighting conditions of your room. It also keeps track of the time of the day, temperature and season and other conditions.

Like the PTZ camera, the smart lamp also has a remote control allowing you to adjust the brightness and turn it on/off. The remote can also detect other metrics such as temperature, humidity, colors etc.

The lamp can also be connected to a traditional wall socket and comes with a mobile app, with similar functionality as the remote control.


Xioami Philip Smart Lamp will cost 349 Yuan (~Rs. 5,300). The remote will be sold separately for 79 Yuan (~Rs. 1,200).

Via GizmoChina

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  • Could you please confirm model number. Mane PTZ camera is already annou by Xiaomi

    • Please DO NOT buy Xiaomi cameras. Reason is that they are meant to be used only in China Mainland, in their app you can chose option of” China Mainland ” but once latest versions will be on your cameras you will be locked out and can’t use them anymore.

      If you are thinking about hacking camera firmware then keep in mind you will have not secured Rstp stream which means no privacy, world can see you.

      Chinese websites like Gearbest, geekbuying, AliExpress are fooling customers selling Xiaomi cameras.

  • These thing in Pakistan won’t be used for security purpose, instead someone will put them in changing room or hotel room. Privacy is now a MYTH.

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