Android Go is the New OS for Ultra Cheap Smartphones

Google’s Android is the single biggest smartphone OS – in terms of users – in the world. Currently there are 2 billion people using Android around the world.

With the upcoming Android Go, the search engine company is trying to add another couple of billion users to that number.

Android Go is a cut down, unbloated (if stock Android can be considered “bloated”) version of the upcoming Android O. It will come with its own version of Google Play Store and optimized apps.

Built for Entry level/Low End Phones

Aimed at users in developing countries, Android Go will run on phones with very limited specifications, limited connectivity options (no wifi for example) and will come with multilingual capabilities. It can run on devices with less than 1 GB RAM and will support specific apps, highlighted by the Google Play Store.

Apps on Android Go will be less than 10 MB in size and work just as well without the Internet. Sameer Samat, VP Product Management at Google mentioned Chrome’s data saver as an important feature to reduce data usage on Android Go.

YouTube Go

YouTube’s optimized version for Android Go will be called YouTube Go. It will have a new preview feature letting you watch bits of the video without using up precious mobile data just to check if it’s the right video or not.

You can also select the quality of the video before playing it.

At first this feature was available for YouTube Red subscribers only. YouTube Red itself is also limited to US. On the other hand Android Go will be available in developing countries across the world.

Another feature in YouTube Go is that you can share videos between multiple Android Go users through peer-to-peer connections.

All Future Versions to Get an Android Go Variant

Google announced that all future versions of Android will feature with a Go variant. This means that in addition to Android O and an Android O Go version, we will also see Android P Go next year.

The company hasn’t announced a hardware partner for this venture yet.

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