Can Smartphones Be a Good Replacement For DSLRs?

What are the few things we tend to look for in a new device before we buy it? The camera? The OS? Or the size of the phone? All these features play an enormous role in helping a Smartphone user decide the device they want to buy.

With a new smartphone entering the market every other month. Users care a lot more about the software now but hardware still gets preference. If a phone isn’t visually appealing, would you bother putting it in your checklist? Obviously not.


Similarly, if you are looking for a camera that takes photos as good as DSLRs, then you are not out of luck. There are usually a few factors that make a photo great:

Image Stabilization

A problem every smartphone user has with their phone camera output is to end up with blurry pictures. Phone companies of this era are working hard to improve upon image stabilization in their smart phones that can give better results and less blurry pictures in your camera roll.

The “Dual” Camera Effect

In recent years, smartphone brands have experimented a lot with their cameras, the lens size, zooming and the stabilization. What is great about dual selfie cameras (OPPO F3 for instance) is that they have brought about a revolution in smartphone cameras.

The focus is now more on the optimization of the lens, clear focus and stabilization, leaving users with almost professional camera pictures while using smartphones.

The Lenses Are In

Phones such as the Nexus 6P and the Samsung Galaxy S7 have ditched the old ways of increasing the megapixels in their cameras and are now going for better quality lens.

If you know how important camera quality is, you’ll know how important the sensors and lens are too. For a good picture, you need a good sensor to detect the light and give your picture the effects it needs and for that to happen, you need a good lens to help with that.

The Perfect Package

The newest launch in smartphones, the OPPO F3, has all the above-mentioned qualities that you need in a good smartphone camera.

The dual selfie camera trend is back and when equipped with image stabilization, good sensors and high quality lens, your selfies come out better than ever. It offers a group selfie camera that detects multiple faces, focusing on every person in the photo.

Oppo claims “Who needs an expensive professional camera when you can avail similar features with the new OPPO F3 that comes with dual cameras of 16 MP with sensor size, f/2.0 and 8 MP with f/2.4!”

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  • Thing is DSLRs are designed for one purpose and one purpose only, that is to take photographs and in the hands of a professional photographer, amazing photographs.

    While on the other hand smartphones are like jacks of all trades but master of none. They can one day take good photographs when compared to a what, an average DSLR? But I don’t think they ll ever surpass the piece of instrument whose sole purpose is to take snaps. You won’t see a professional photographer at an event snapping pics with a smartphone anytime soon. One day, sure.

    Edit: ‘Who needs an expensive professional camera when you can avail all the features in the new OPPO F3 that come with dual cameras of 16 MP with sensor size, f/2.0 and 8 MP with f/2.4!’

    Amm what? For an average who shoots pictures on some occasions or selfie lovers, smartphones are good. But to obtain the crystal clear and high resolution image on which you can work later on, DSLRs are a must.

    You are giving away examples of iPhone 7 Plus and other phones which cost around Rs85K. Who in their right mind will buy an iPhone or similar phone in this price bracket just to get good pictures? I ll say it again, an average casual user will be happy with pictures snapped from mid level smartphone’s camera while a professional photographer will never opt for an iPhone or S8 to get professional level pictures.

    Seriously who wrote this article?

  • “Who needs an expensive professional camera when you can avail all the features in the new OPPO F3 that come with dual cameras of 16 MP with sensor size, f/2.0 and 8 MP with f/2.4!”

    Ch*tiya hain jo DSLR letay hain professional photography k liye. They should have purchased an OPPO F3 instead.

    • Exactly. Patani kya soch kr or kisnay yay article lkha hai. Sb iPhone 7 lo Bhai photography k liay.

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  • This is true that If you have a new smartphone with a great camera then as the average consumer there is no need to buy budget DSLR.

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