Orient Announces Tech Me Home Deals Ahead of Ramzan

Just before the advent of Ramzan, Orient has introduced its Tech Me Home Deals on its DC Inverter ACs, LED TVs and Refrigerators!

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Offer on Orient’s DC Inverter ACs is back. You can avail it before the holy month of Ramzan both online and offline. With this offer you will get a lifetime worth of warranty on the compressor of any of Orient’s powerful Inverter ACs. And wait there is more; you will get a discounted price, no matter what Inverter is your choice.

4K Freeasta

If you buy an Orient LED TV, it comes with a FREE microwave oven worth Rs 8800 for a limited time.

Buy Double Offer on the Double!

Orient brings you the Double Offer for its customers who are looking for a refrigerator on discount with a solid warranty. Orient is offering a 10 year warranty on its refrigerators and that too accompanied by a generous slashing of the price.

Take home the best of appliance technology right away as the offer is valid is only till the 1st of Ramzan. For more information or to place your orders, visit Orient’s official website:  http://orient.com.pk/sale

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