DWP to Install Absorption Chillers at Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute

DWP HVAC Division, a provider of HVAC installations nationwide, has recently gotten a project with Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute. The project comprises of deploying 2400 TR Capacity Absorption Chillers (8×3) of Ebara Brand, from the world’s largest manufacturers of Absorption chillers.

Based in Japan & China, Ebara is one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry, producing completely environment friendly absorption chillers with compact design and energy saving features. This makes them perfect for installation in buildings.

This project will pave the way for DWP’s success in the Government sector. DWP HVAC Division has a history of doing such beneficial projects in Lahore including; DHA Raya Golf Club, Shalimar Hospital, Bahria Orchard Hospital, National Hospital & Residential Apartments.

  • May i check the customer clearance documents Or HS CODE & SRO ???
    KItne Percent Pe Clear Howa Ye :” Pakistani Law K Mutabik CGO 02/2017 K Hawale Se Chiller Jo Local Banti hai Wo Imported Nahi Ho Sakta Hai ???
    Hamay to EDB Se Special Permission Lene Pari hai How can they have to cleared it ?

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