Augere Pakistan Launches Corporate LTE Services in 11 Cities

Augere Pakistan becomes the first Pakistani company to deploy Corporate LTE in 11 cities of Pakistan. Currently, LTE service is available to Mobile phone users only but with the introduction of LTE for corporate sector, businesses would get high-speed, uninterrupted bandwidth and connectivity essential to run their business operations.

Newly planned Premium Corporate LTE by Augere will be capable of delivering speeds of up to 100Mbps per customer. In phase one Augere is investing over USD 10 million for network deployment.

Initially this LTE service is being launched in Sukkur, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Sialkot, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Gujranwala and Gujrat and company plans to upgrade its WIMAX network in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi by the end of 2017.

Augere LTE is designed to meet the high-speed connectivity and data transfer requirements of Corporate and SME Clients especially in Tier-2 cities where the corporate clients demand High Capacity, Low Latency, Unlimited Volume, High Spectral Efficiency and Flexible Asymmetric Service Profile for large and small scale businesses.

Jamal Nasir Khan CEO, Augere informed that Augere LTE would offer reliable LTE connectivity with optimum latency over licensed frequency band, and that too at highly affordable pricing than Fiber, VSAT and Radio links.

More importantly, LTE deployment times are practically less than 1 hour, for quick installation.

Augere provides dedicated 24 x 7 Corporate Service Desk to ensure 100% satisfaction of its corporate customers.

About Augere Pakistan

Augere Pakistan has been operating inside Pakistan since 2010. It is serving some of the biggest names in the world of telecoms, ISPs, Banks, FMCGs, Media Houses and SMEs. Augere is providing both carrier and enterprise services, through wireless and wired technologies. Be it branch connectivity, SMTP services, IP Transit, Data Center, IOT solutions and more; Augere has it all under one roof and one name.

Jamal Nasir Khan said that with LTE now under its Umbrella, Augere promises unbeatable services and great Customer Support.

Mr. Imran Zafar Chief Financial Officer Augere, Javed Malik Director Sales, Augere and Qamar ul Islam General Manager Technical, Augere were also there and spoke at the occasion.

  • With 3.5GHz in TDD-LTE this is a lost battle for both Qubee & Witribe! for mass market penetration!

    • I am not that technical but When they were on peak, they weren’t able to even grab 1% market share ;) Yes, they will now grab less than 1% market share of corporate as well :) Good Luck.

      • aaahh crap, and the tech guy calmed me down on slow speeds that soon LTE will be launched, your poor speed issue will be resolved, I am getting 0.5-2mb on a 4mb connection with outdoor device on 3rd floor.

  • This is a good move till Nayatel, Optix and StormFiber come with their GPON to these cities. Excellent as interim solution.

    Mobilink has already deployed this 3.5ghz solution based on Redline equipment. It has captured that market.

  • They are only 10 years late in this business. Its Fiber / GPON era dude. Those 11 Cities are already covered thru high speed fiber. If you are interested, feel free to call Multinet.

  • Men khud multan se hon . Aur launching cities dekh k mjhe bhi herani hui . I second u .

  • Its probably a good move…. Metropolitan cities already have some players there. These were the neglected ones so they focussed onto them

    • seriously, plz tell me too, I am in dire need for alternates, Bhai pakistan mayn competition nai MAJBOORI chalti hay, majboor to use qubee, despite they suddenly though to change towers every 6 months or so.

  • 3.5 GHz is golden spectrum to launch high speed data services. Now most of the investment is being carried in band 42 & 43 for its technical and financial benefits over other bands. You would be seeing 3.5 GHz enabled smart phones in market may be within one year.
    For Tier-3 cities you can order corporate connection from existing players and be ready to pay high OTC and MRC. Fiber operators will charge you like minimum 1.5 lac for deployment and MRC would be from 20,000 to 50,000 for 1 Mb link. Worst customer care and prolong service outages.
    I think Augere took great initiative and made it little competitive in small cities, which is quite beneficial for small business customers.

    • weight lifter bhai naaf na utar jaye tumhari: send query on multinet UAN, will deliver fiber on doorstep in all these cities in quarter price of what you are discussing. hisab dena hoga,dekh bhaal ke comment daal.

  • Exploring and capitalizing on the untapped markets is a very good approach by Qubee. Looking forward to have LTE services in major/mega cities for the regular customers too, so that there will be more options for the home internet users. This will bring the 4G prices down and cover the downside of these existing 4G players which is LOW VOLUME limits. Foreign investment and collaboration with region’s strategic partner, China, will open new avenues for advancements, employment and improving lives.

  • I am from Hyderabad running Hajj-Umra booking online ticketing. I pay 18k per month for 2mb data. Good news if Augere give me same in low price.

  • Good initiative to mess with telco with such small wings.No need to judge early.will see this company right after 12 months :) :) :) :) becauase same people announced alot in the past but never delivered.paticularly a merger which never happened.fingers crossed.too many promises.too early to judge & talk about it.

  • we should appreciate this LTE launch in these cities as this is wireless media with low latency and high bandwidth throughput. Easy to deploy and probably with zero OTC or CPE cost only.

  • Wi-tribe sadma bardash na ker saka marketing wi-tribe nay ki or launch augere na kerdiya wow gud move augere,
    marketing news !! Wi-tribe CEO resign (:

  • Qubee Distributors for Quetta, Sialkot, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Gujranwala and Gujrat Please contact Us.

  • Yesterday, I have visited Wi-tribe Head office, Shaheed e Millat road adjacent to S.Ghani Uniform (as guided by the wi-tribe care center, North Nazimabad near Board office that you visit the Wi-tribe head office Shaheed e Millat road adjacent to S.Ghani Uniform). When I have visited yesterday to Wi-tribe head office, the head office of Wi-tribe was closed. I inquired the nearby shops; they told me that this Head office was closed a few days back. Then I just try to contact to the Wi-tribe call center, but there is no one to attend my phone when I selected the option of “Old Qubee customers by pressing the 3 option”, they just keep me on hold.
    I was tried many times to contact the call center of Wi-Tribe but no proper guidance I have received about any address of its any care center throughout Karachi. I have spent a lot of money on the transportation in searching any care center of Wi-tribe in Karachi but goes in vain. I have visited all the care center of Qubee and Wi-tribe in my area between Nagan Chorangi to Board Office but all care centers have been closed. I want to over the Qubee device and closed my Qubee account which is now converted into wi-tribe without my opinion.
    I have closed my Qubee account in the month September but daily I am getting the SMS bill from Witribe, now after a few days, they have double the bill amount. Qubee increase only Rs 50 after the due date but it a Great blessing of Wi-tribe that they double the amount of bill after a few days. Qubee guides us about all the addresses of its care centers through email, but hopelessly Wi-tribe not.
    There no customers service in Witribe to care its customers. There is no administration looking in the Wi-tribe and with worse customer service. I am bothering here and there throughout Karachi with wastage of time and money to close my account which I have already closed in the month of September 2018.
    Please, guide me how I closed my wi-tribe account and hand over the Qubee device which was not in my use since last four months since September to STOP the doubling of BILL AMOUNT!!!
    No one is attending and proper guiding us on Wi-tribe customers’ support. They only double the bill amount. And there is no authority to look after Wi-tribe and Qubee. How they are depressing their customers!

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