HEC Still Doesn’t Have a System to Verify Degrees

It has been more than 15 years since Higher Education Commission (HEC) was established yet the organization does not have a proper mechanism for the verification of degrees.

There are currently over 170 universities which are operating under the direct supervision of HEC.

Since there is no mechanism to verify attested degrees, HEC has banned varsities from attesting them. The decision was taken after HEC was informed that fake degrees are being attested on purpose.

Investigations are underway against a number of people who have been found involved in the illegal practice, HEC revealed.

Even though HEC has designated a separate department – Attestation & Accreditation (A&A) – for the purpose of attestations, the organization still does not have any automated system for the same. It still checks the credibility of the degrees manually. Furthermore, there is no online database either to crosscheck and verify degrees with the relevant universities.

According to local media reports, there are a number of universities in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Jammu and Kashmir which are issuing backdated degrees. Despite having the knowledge of this, HEC officials claim that they are helpless as there is no law that prohibits this and hence they can’t hold anyone accountable in this matter.

‘The top management has raided A&A Division every now and then. The management knows who are involved, but never lays a hand on them.’ – HEC official

Last year in August, an inquiry against the A&A director general Farmanullah Anjum was launched to resolve the matter of multiple fake degrees being issued to students of Newports Institute of Communications and Economics, Karachi.

Apart from that, there has been no real development in terms of inquires to hold such people accountable.

A software program was promised by the HEC, in collaboration with National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to counter this problem but there have been no updates on it thus far.

When HEC officials were confronted in public about this matter, they refused to take responsibility and said:

Our system is well in place and there are a number of parameters that are used to verify documents.

It is apparent that HEC is incapable of delivering on its promises and ensuring safety of the documents and degrees. It remains to be seen whether if the government takes timely notice.

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  • No Online System,
    No Proper Format of School, Collage & Uni for Degree & Certificates’ Market Etc
    No Helpful Staff
    No White & Black List Uni & Teacher List
    Purely Corruption
    No Proper Paper Checking
    No Proper Examination Services
    No Teacher License Services
    Jab Ye Sub Nahi Hoga to Kaha Se Verify Hoga

  • The Problem in our system is lack of MERIT. We have great software engineers who are working and providing services to foreign clients. Government hire people on parchi and sifarish who are not even capable to install windows. An online verification system can be developed within 3-4 months if you have right people and tools..

  • Actually so called online portal is available which is recently updated in new version.. and makes the process more pathetic. Portal contains mandatory fields and in some of them there is no data and even you can put your own defined value.. Affilated universities list is no updated. example. Petromen was affiliated with Shah Abdul Latif University but there is no option there to select Petromen and the filed is mandatory. Similarly for same university BCS program is not listed in Program Title in mandatory field but you have to chose from the predefined list which is unfortunately no data. (From where we may select BCS??? )

    Another case from Sindh Technical board if you have done matriculation but the field appears as vocational diploma (what the hell??)

    There must be more.. need to HEC officials must check whole systems thoroughly on urgent basis….

    • This is an old issue. Occurs on many other forms listed on HEC. They are incompetent af.

    • Just fill the online shit with whatever is available ,Take the copies and degree to the HEC and they will recognize.

  • well i verified my degree 2years ago from Karachi and now from the portal., i am not able sign in from my previous ID :D., i think the migration of DB has not been done properly

  • HEC must also create a database for scholarships given by educational institutions, organizations and individuals. At present, students with high merit manage to get several scholarships because there is no arrangement for checking. As a result, many deserving students do not get any scholarship.

  • People got degree and now they have to verify whether that i s from the HEC recognized – Why
    Why dont HEC launches scheme to finish the colleges and university that are not HEC instead allowing them to work.

    The reason is that most of the employees of HEC (not naming titles) have invested money in non-HEC colleges and universities.

    Still students and parents of Student dont know which school, colleges universities are HEC recognized.

    The people who are from non-HEC universities – what will happen to them.

    but HEC is not concerned with those people. they are only concerned that they can get a share for verifying the degree.

    Its just like you need to verify your NIC but you cant verify it from NADRA but you have look for a third-party solution. so the Third-party dealers can get a share.

    What will happen to this country – everyone is corrupt from small scale to large scale.

  • AOA
    I agreed Mr. Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Abd al-Hameed I got a Degree B-TECH (honor) From New port institute communication and science (NICE). In FEB 2013 and since FEB 2013 to till now DEC 2017 I unable to attest my Degree and Transcript from HEC I inform to news papers ,met the HEC Director ,try to contact Media and Chairman (NICE) Mr.Salman but my problem is still same I unable to attest my Degree of and Transcript. Every time University higher management told me just after 3 month ur problem will be resolve and media and newspaper also ignore me because many of Student of (NICE ) are working in Media Chanals.To sum up after 2011 to till now there is no degree attested from HEC but problem is that If the University is FAKE so why more and more student get the Admissions there why the HEC and other Government authorities SEAL this university why the kill the Future of New Blood U know due to this HEC attestation problem My CANADA immigration has been stop and Federal Government Promotion is pending any way how I can I do 80 % department and people are not good in our country Allah Raham kare hum gareeb logo pr.

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