Hidden Forces are Trying to Malign PIA: Notice in NA

Pakistan Peoples Party has issued an attention calling notice in National Assembly stating that someone is mysteriously trying to malign Pakistan International Airline.

Notice said that recent incidents of drugs recovery from PIA flights in London and then in Islamabad are clear indications that some hidden hand is trying to malign the national airliner.

Notice said that the matter must be investigated thoroughly and ultimate culprits must be determined to find out the hidden agenda behind their acts.

It must be noted here that PIA has been in the news for the wrong reasons, more recently for recovery of several kilos of heroin in London and Islamabad.

There’s a segment that thinks that someone is plotting against PIA through these incidents to defame the airline and to ultimately ground it altogether.

It is also said that those who put the drugs in planes also inform UK authorities about the same and then planes are checked in London (based on information) that leads to further defamation of PIA all over the world.

PPP notice said that “this must be stopped through a proper investigation to make sure that our national asset is not wasted in the hands of anti-state elements.”

  • PIA He Q ???
    Duniya Or Pakistan Main Or Bhi Air Line HAI :
    Srif Isi Ko Badnaam Karne Ki Wajh ???
    Srif Isi Air Line Ka NAAM Q Liya Jata Hai ???

    • You don’t know what enemies you are coping with.? India is going at any level to isolate Pakistan.

    • Do you know PPP in every tenure hired most incapable in PIA. Where 2 persons were required 10 additional were hired, jobs weren’t created but vacancies.
      Those who were hired without any process are the most corrupt in PIA. Anti Narcotics is one of very professional organization and they can be trusted to have done enough to stop any such thing from happening but PIA staff can not be trusted.

      • Yahi Wajh Hai Private Sectors Experiacne Bande ko leti hai Chahe wo Andhota Chaap Q Na Ho
        Yaha Government Main Education Anghota Chhap Log Kaam Karte Hai Nuqsaan TO Hona he tha

      • To jab Noon aati hai to woh bhi yahi karti hai.
        Idaray ka naam badal jaata hai bas, hota wahi hai.

  • That’s true. PIA is being necessarily bashed. It is responsibility of Airport Security Force to check all passengers and their luggage. Ever heard that a person was checked for security by an Airline official? No! Because Airlines around the world NEVER do that and leave this task to ASF, customs etc. So, PIA shouldn’t be blamed for recent smuggling incidents.

  • Whether PIA is transporting drugs themselves or not is irrelevant. Fact is their security is ineffective. PPP can waste resources on an investigation or fix PIA security.

  • This is bullshit thing.., Are there angels who load and offload, Is this difficult to trace and back track to master mind,,, But mostly these type of people are directly in power or connected to Power…!!

  • Hidden forces…very funny. If these hidden forces were not active our great Airline would have beaten all the airlines of the world. What a pathetic approach, I must say.

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