Nokia to Launch its Android Smartphones in Pakistan With-in Days!

Nokia is all set to launch its Android based Smartphones in Pakistan with-in next few days, we have confirmed this officially.

Prices and further details are yet awaited and we will confirm you as soon as we will have them.

Confirmations came after Advance Telecom announced that it will be launching Nokia Smartphones in Pakistan as the official distribution partner of HMD Global-The Home of Nokia Phones.

At a ceremony held to celebrate the placement of first smartphones order, Mr. Rizwan Majid, CEO Advance Telecom, reiterated the commitment that Advance Telecom has made to Nokia phones by voluntarily deciding to dedicate all its efforts and resources to Nokia smartphones.

Mr. Rizwan Majid also encouraged all channel partners to buy legally imported stock available under Advance Telecom warranty.

Mr. Kamran Khan, Head of Near East for HMD Global, appreciated the efforts made by Advance Telecom and thanked Mr. Rizwan Majid and Advance Telecom team for their commitment and dedication to Nokia phones.

He expressed confidence in Advance Telecom’s ability to successfully launching Nokia smartphones in Pakistan. In response to a question, he recently confirmed that, since Dec 1, 2016 Advance Telecom has been HMD’s active distribution partner in Pakistan.

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, HMD Global Oy is the new home of Nokia phones.

HMD designs and markets a range of smartphones and feature phones targeted at a range of consumers and price points. With a commitment to innovation and quality, HMD Global Oy is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets. Nokia is registered trademark of Nokia Corporation.

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      • اگر نوکیا “سٹیٹ لائف انشورنس” کروا لیتا تو یہ نوبت نہ آتی۔۔۔


        Anyhow, I’m certainly glad to hear that the agonizing wait is finally over…! Can’t wait to get my paws on The Nokia 6 and of course the granddaddy of all phones; The 3310 reborn…!

        The Nokia 6 is basically a Google Pixel for the general mass with pure stock Android, Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher and most importantly; timely updates…!

        • bhai kon se alternate dunya kee ho?
          pixel and nokia 6 are nothing like
          you’re comparing a Honda Accord to daihatsu Mera

          • He mentioned Pixel for masses. I think you dont know what that means.
            Quality gonna be different sure but features wise Nokia 6 is close to Pixel with stock Android and timely OTA security updates.

            • @MeedAy please don’t take @Atif seriously..He is a bit out of time. You will always find talking insensible…Kuch log hoty hain jin ko taang zrur atkani hoti ha bss

              • no need to act stupid, sometimes when you don’t understand the logic of others didn’t make you smart, it might me just the opposite.
                and this is second time you’re just attacking me for no reason.
                now you tell me…..

                what makes nokia 6 a pixel, let’s see how smart you are.

                • “sometimes when you don’t understand the logic of others didn’t make you smart” Will you please apply this same logic for earlier comments you were making for that BAHRIA case.. You clearly did not make logic there and you are doing the same here

                  “The Nokia 6 is basically a Google Pixel for the general mass with pure stock Android, Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher and most importantly; timely updates…!” Did you read this comment with your senses or not? He clearly compared a few features (Stock Android, Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher& Timely Updates) of Nokia 6 with that of Pixel, not the whole spec sheet…And did you read that he said “PIXEL for MASSES”? I think you may understand what he is trying to say. Don’t You??

                  • oh i make perfect logic but u didn’t even asked me you just jumped in and started your thing.

                    first show me pixel of yours! will talk on your logic later.

                  • I truly appreciate it, brother…!

                    I’m one of those people who are absolutely crazy about Stock Android and timely security and OTA updates… Unfortunately, no OEM offer such features (Except for Motorola, which was absent from our market until recently, thanks to the booming E-Commerce) and I can’t afford a 70 Thousand Rupee phone…!

                    The Nokia 6 seems like a perfect phone for me…! Hence my previous remark… Unfortunately, we are so full of negativity that we sometimes go as far as to take a praise as criticism…!


                    Oh well…

                    Good Day!

                • You cannot understand the point of others. He said stock android and timely OTA updates. OP never said hardware features.

            • i know what that means,

              kindly show me where is that nokia 6 that comes with stock Android, timely ota, pixel launcher… etc

          • I’m fully aware of the difference between The Snapdragon 430 and 820…

            As Mr. Salman Akram has pointed out, I said “for the masses”… Which literally means; “General Public”… And The Pixel at about 70 Grands is just too expensive for the most of us…! Whereas The Nokia 6will cost right in the realm of 25 Grands and hence will be more accessible for the masses…

            So, what I meant is that The Nokia 6 will come with Pixel like features (and not Pixel like performance, big difference…!) like Pixel Launcher, Google Assistant, Pure Android and timely OTA updates… I wasn’t talking about the performance, brother…

            I’m not one of those idiots who believe that since SD430 is an Octa-Core and SD820 is a Quad-Core, The SD430 will be faster among the two…!

            Good Day!

            • well you prove your point nicely and showing you have head unlike many others who just jump the bandwagon.

              but i still wont say it is a poor mans pixel.
              also I’m unaware and still waiting for my critics to show where they find nokia 6 with stock Android.

              you see any decent android one device would be poor man’s pixel for example general mobile.

              • You may want to take a look at the TechRadar’s Nokia 6 hands-on video on Youtube…
                I’ve also posted you a link to the video earlier, but its awaiting moderation…

                • thank you, i was unaware that international version will ditch that Chinese modified Android.
                  hope it’s not just to display at exhibition, i always liked stock android look.

  • Ye acha hai k nokia k bajaye Advance Telecom ki warranty mein aa raha hai verna Daraz walay aik to rate apni marzi se lagatay aur dosra warranty claim ka issue bohat hota general public k liye.

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