Here’s How QMobile Still Outperforms All International Brands in Pakistan!

Would you believe it if I told you that a local Pakistani smartphone company is still the largest smartphone brand in the country? That too despite facing competition from several multinational brands that have billions in backing?

Its true. QMobile is still the largest seller of smartphones in Pakistan.

A Pakistani Success Story

This is a perfect story of how a local company can actually surpass international giants by just understanding its customers better than the multinational companies.

Its a story of a company that understood the demand, the preferences and the mindset of the local customer better. That is why it broke sales records time after time.

Not to mention, QMobile has more than 60% market share in Pakistan’s smartphone industry, that’s more than double of its nearest competitor.

Here’s what most people don’t get behind Qmobile’s success. If you think that it was just the price, that played a role in its success, that in itself is clearly not the whole picture.

While price is one major factor, its actually the feature set of its products — packed with an affordable price tag — that did the trick.

The right feature set, right price, right time and the right communication helped QMobile to become what it has become today.

QMobile’s old employees tell me that it wasn’t simple at all. They work for weeks and weeks to identify the specifications, get them packed in a model, and then spend more weeks to get them working — by resolving compatibility issues — on Pakistani cellular networks.

They tell me that one model launch takes several months of R&D before its launched in the market. And to put this into context, imagine the time and effort QMobile puts in while considering the number of models they launch every month.

While many may not pick QMobile as their preferred smartphone, which is totally understandable as they may trust Samsung, Hauwei, Apple more, the reality is that the company has served more customers during the past decade than anyone else by connecting millions of Pakistanis through its affordable smartphones.

It was actually QMobile that made the massive uptake of 3G users possible, as it lowered the entry barrier for smartphone users. It played a huge role in taking it to a level that it didn’t take much time for Pakistanis to cross 40 million wireless broadband users within a period of just three years.

For a country like Pakistan, where affordability remains a major hurdle for service consumption, QMobile played a key role in moving the market. While it will be hard to estimate the impact it made on Pakistan’s GDP (through internet adoption), you can safely assume that it was amongst the top vital players who played a key role in the emergence of services such as Careem and Uber.

With more than 60% market share, QMobile has created more jobs than any competition and employs countless distribution, retail and service partners across the country.

And tell you what, QMobile says its just the beginning!

  • Once I saw a very ammazing looking phone in my friend’s hand and I said
    “Waah yaar barra zabardast phone hai, dikha to konsa Hai?”
    And He replied “Qmobile hai” while moving his hand towards me.
    And I said “Acha chal rehne de” while phone was still in its hand.

  • Just a few days ago, PROPAKISTANI.PK flattered about their sponsorship policy titled: We heard you… This article is of same standard: lacks neutrality…

    • Ooh I just found out about that. Lol, its priceless.

      Editorial Sponsorship: …It’s our “unbiased” take on an advertiser’s services, products or story pitch and theme.

      If this this what their unbiased looks like, I dread thinking how’ll the article read when they go full shill mode.

      • It clearly said “Sponsored” and also It has huge banner under it which clearly indicate Branded Content by QMobile. What you wrote above is for Editorial Sponsorship not for Branded Sponsorship.
        I hated those junks ,ProPak was producing, as much as next guy but this is much better. Now it is clear that this crap is not on ProPak.
        What else you want from them?

        • Yup, they changed it after I pointed it out. They actually tried to pass it off as an editorial at first. They must not think very highly of their readers if they believe they can get away with such cheap tactics.

          > What else you want from them?

          How about a source of all the outrageous claims in the article for starters?

          • If they had actually posted it as Editorial Sponsorship now that was pretty low from ProPak after all that rant about readers this and readers that.

  • Worst Battery Timing in Q Mobile…

    Go for Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi (mi) or Sony Experia…

    Q Mobile and Samsung are Worst

  • Mai Nay Jo Bhe QMobile Ka Set Lea Hai, Speaker Hameesha Low Quality Hota Hai. Ring tone Tou Sunai He Nahi Daitee.

    Q Sai Behtar Give Hai. Speaker Tou Loud Ringtone Daita Hai.

  • Wrong reporting, Qmobile has share more than 60% in feature phones and leass than 20% in smart phones.

  • I saw the word “R&D” and closed my web browser before it could could gave me cancer.

  • Wow, that’s a lot of tall claims without citing a single source. Are we just supposed to just take your word for it, someone who’s being paid to spout whatever drivel they can come up with. Pretty sure that’s not how it works.

  • It played a huge tole in taking it to a level that it didn’t take much
    time for Pakistanis to cross 40 million wireless broadband users within a
    period of just three years.

    It played a huge role

  • As a proud Pakistani, I always prefer local brands (with no exception of quality) and there are many in different categories (Specially in food industries) but QMobile is nowhere near! Their “design charm” fades away in couple of months, Software gets slower than already how Android usually gets, no innovation at all and most of the time, they represent their new smartphones with foreign people in TV Ads.

    Quality comes first then comes the specs along with price. QMobile is going other way around.
    Be like Shan, Orient, Dawlance!

  • I agree Qmobile understands the mindset, preferences and demands of their customers better than its contemporaries. I believe Qmobile should be promoted more as it is cheaper in price and in today’s time mobile phones are a need and not everyone can afford an expensive brand.

  • Qureshi mobile phones lack quality. Even the high end models dont have touch screen precision. If I had a low budget I’d rather buy a low end Samsung than a high end Q model.

  • i believe Qmobile is the brand that made smartphones more common in urban and rural areas of pakistan.. everyone can afford it thanks to them and it is as good as nokia or samsung close enough though

    • You’re giving them too much credit. Qmobile’s claim to fame is their disposable phones. Period. They didn’t enter the smartphone market until most reputable brands had already established a presence in the market, not to mention their earlier smartphones were no more than glorified feature phones with a bigger screen.

      No one in their right mind bought a qmobile for their first smartphone experience. They’d rather get a second hand Samsung or HTC for the same price.

  • Qmobile ghareebon ka phone hai, hum jeseo k liye almost hmara iphone hai ye. Qmobile wale china se phone lete hain or apne nam se bechte hain is liye price tag km hta hai lkin jis din inho ne 15000 ka 6000 mai bechna shro kr diya (socho inko kitne ka para hoga o.o ) us din se murr k qmobile nhe kharida mai ne khair ab to samsung k b 15000 wale a gai hain. It was nice using Qmobile

  • I used QMobile once, it was so bad experience that I decided not to even see QMobile. First 6 months its worked as a charm but after 6 month………….. Kuch na pocho, diwar par day marney ko dil karta tha.

  • Our maximum population live in villages, they thought it’s enough that one phone can take a photo or make a movie and store maximum songs it’s enough for them so Q mobile is successful in affordable price because it have these all qualities. Who understand the technology and known about functions never want a Q mobile.

    • I’m not a fan of Qmobile, your argument isn’t valid. Those who lives in villages hardly know proper functions of a Rs.2-3K phone. So they buy because it is affordable and they can use it. Why would they want a smartphone of Rs 10K price tag? What they’ll do?

  • R&D?? Seriously?
    It is called scraping the Internet and finding the next model to launch as their own.
    I can’t remember Qmob ever provided a single update for the devices they ever sold. Their skin is horrible.
    This Article was equally disappointing as a sub standard Qmobile.
    A five year old will tell you that Qmobile farig hai… Screen bekar hy, game nhi chalti or awaz bhi nhi ati.. Here is your R&D!

  • Pathetic aftersale customer service, actually if your warranty is expired your phone is a piece of garbage. They refuse to make it as they also do not have thier parts, and they have a market monopoly, they doesn’t provide their spare parts in markets making it unrepairable.
    Simply a disposable mobile phone.
    Please donot buy Qmobile, instead of it buy Kits, they are more reliable than box pack qmobile.

  • this is very good thing for economy and also for awaam
    “QMobile has created more jobs than any competition and employs countless distribution”

  • Sponsored content should not be tagged as “Top Story”… just a humble suggestion.

  • Seriously. WHAT A PACK OF LIES.

    Almost all of Q Mobile models are copies of Gionee, and other brands from India/China. They’ve NEVER done a dot of R&D, and hearing it does that for months is amazing. All they do is copy, paste and sell. If they ever did a dime of R&D then there would’ve been Software Updates. They promise software updates for certain phones (even promise on their boxes) but never update them.

    The only thing they ever research for is how would Kareena Kapoor’s chest look in certain dresses and postures, and how well could they get the Pakistani market/consumer to fantasize Indian models. That’s all they research well.

    Key role in Careem & Uber? I can bet 95% of Q Mobile users don’t user Uber and Careem.

  • lol seriously
    “QMobile’s old employees tell me that it wasn’t simple at all. They work for weeks and weeks to identify the specifications, get them packed in a model, and then spend more weeks to get them working — by resolving compatibility issues”

    same sets are being sold in other countries with different brand names
    at least be honest and tell the truth

  • Being an Engineer, I know that Qmobile does not integrate the latest chipsets like other brands do. For e.g. if the write it 4G, it would be low in CAT (Category). Same is for 3G (it can be (HSDPA/HSPA) only ……… this limits the speed.Hasan

  • Understanding customers is the key to Company’s success.
    Acc to Law of demand if all other factors are equal and if you increase the price of of product the demand is bound to decrease!
    Companies have to find the most optimal synergy in the way that the product price is reasonable for its value.
    example goes with Oneplus no fancy advertising,no gimmicks straight to the point features at the most affordable price!
    No doubt Qmobile has done a great Job despite of all the bizzare cannotations attached to this phone! and its weird ringtone ahh!! ???

  • close