Chances of Moon Sighting in Pakistan Today Are Minimal

The ninth month of Ramzan is almost upon us. As is the standard ritual as Ramzan approaches, the start of the month is contingent on whether the moon has been sighted or not.

In Pakistan, the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announces the sighting of the moon for religious events. The body relies on sighting the moon through the use of the telescope.

Based on the currently available lunar charts, it seems that the sighting of the moon is looking more and more unlikely today.

It should be noted that in many countries in the Middle East (such as Saudi Arabia), the moon was not sighted yesterday. Therefore, the month of Ramzan is expected to begin today in those countries.

Usually, Ramzan in Pakistan starts one day after the moon has been sighted in Saudi Arabia (barring KPK, which follows Saudi Arabia’s lead).

Bear in mind though that any final decision in this regard is taken by the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee’s Mufti Rehman, once statements from all zonal moon-sighting committees countrywide have been collected.

  • جب تک مولنا اشرف علی کہانی سے چاند دیکھنے کو بولو گئے، تو اُن کو محض معصوم بچے ہی نظر آئیں گئے

  • سائنس کے دور میں اس بکواس قسم کی ہاں ناں سے کیا لینا دینا۔ اگلے ہزار سال کا بلکل ٹھیک چاند کا وقت ڈھونڈنا کیا مشکل کام ہے۔ اس کے پہلے موجد عرب مسلمان ہی تھے اب ہمارے ہاں اول نمبر کا فساد شروع ہوا ہے۔

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