Here’s How Jazz Made Its Customer Obsessed Day A Success

Earlier this month, Jazz celebrated its first Customer-Obsessed Day (COD). The customer-centric exercise in Pakistan received an overwhelming response in various Pakistani cities.

For Customer-Obsessed Day, thousands of Jazz employees, including the company’s leadership, left their offices and met customers in markets and public spaces across Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Multan.

The purpose of this activity was to drive engagement between the business and its customers in a direct manner. All employees from across the departments, even those who normally have no interaction with the customers, were part of COD. These included employees from departments such as Finance, Human Resource, Admin and more who listened to customers and took their feedback.

According to Jazz, the company wants to create a bond between employees and the customers which can eventually benefit both parties.

Hundreds of teams from Jazz — each comprising as much as 10 members — visited various baazars and streets to engage with the customers to get their thoughts and insights on Jazz’s services.

Social Media Buzz

While the employees were in the field, noticeable figures such as the CEO and CCO of Jazz were seen on social media engaging with the customers. Many social media users tuned in to see the event.

For the first time ever, Jazz’s CEO Aamir Ibrahim and COO Asif Aziz both appeared on Facebook Live and answered the queries of followers and subscribers.

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Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim had this to say about Customer-Obsessed Day:

We pride ourselves for being a customer-obsessed company and thank our family of over 53 million customers. This COD is a celebration of and a testament to this commitment. We need to know what our customers want and need for Jazz and its employees to serve them better every single day.

Moreover, the company also broadcast Facebook live streaming banners across various publishers, websites and social media pages.

The response was fantastic as Jazz reached more than 4.3 million people on Facebook during the day. Jazz also hosted over 30 bloggers in Karachi and Islamabad to have a briefing session with the team about the event.

Here are the some of the stats which depict why the COD event achieved success and connected with a wide audience:

  • On Facebook:
    • 4.3 million people reached
    • 250 thousand engagements
    • 715 thousand video views
    • 253 thousand minutes viewed
    • 8.6 million impressions of #CustomerObsessed
  • On Twitter:
    • 1.5 million hits of #DunyaKoBataaDo
    • The hashtag ranked no. 1 in top-10 trend list
    • More than 1.5 thousand mentions
    • 55% post retweets

As COD concluded, Jazz’s top hierarchy instructed its employees to put the customer feedback to good use and come up with new ideas, plans and methods to improve the service.

Event Pictures

The management and employees from Jazz took COD out on the road through major Pakistani cities. You can check some images from the event out below:






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