PTI Worker Arrested Over Anti-Army Posts on Social Media

Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime wing has arrested a Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) activist for damaging the reputation of the country’s armed forces over social media.

The incident came following the government’s directives to not spare anyone who posts material online against the military.

Adnan Afzal Qureshi, a PTI worker, has been arrested from Defense Housing Authority on Tuesday. FIA has charged Adnan under:

  • Section 20 and 24 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act for ‘harming the reputation of a person and cyber stalking’
  • Sections 419 and 500 of the Pakistan Penal Code relating to ‘impersonation and defamation’

Speaking to a local media outlet, FIA investigator Rizwan Arshad said:

We arrested the PTI activist for [posting] a series of anti-military tweets and running a Facebook page containing such content. The suspect used abusive language against some military personnel and political leaders.

We are interrogating him to know whether he is part of a group that has launched an anti-military campaign or whether he is doing it on his own.

This crackdown campaign which initially started two weeks ago by Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan. Since then, popular social media platforms have been closely monitored.

PTI’s Response

In response to the actions taken by FIA,  Andleeb Abbas – a representative of PTI – expressed the views of the party. She said that PTI will petition against the “illegal actions” taken by the government agencies.

We will move the court against the FIA’s action against young boys [PTI activists] whose only crime is to express their opinion.

Furthermore, Andleeb also questioned why the Interior Minister has been silent on the issue and said:

Instead of sending the FIA after young people exercising their right to freedom of expression, the government should assign the agency to take out criminals running huge scams [on social media].

PTI will also be looking to provide legal assistance to Mr. Qureshi. Furthermore, FIA has warned that multiple arrests will follow in the coming days regarding this issue.

Via Dawn

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  • no one is above the country’s law. You just can’t go on and spread hate about the institutes and army, it should be punishable.

    • You should clarify yourself what democracy really means. What you are advocating, falls under Dictatorship.

      Personally, i don’t give a two sh*ts about this Democrazy and stuff. I have seen how badly it affects a country as a whole.

      • brother, democracy’s main pillar is law and order, freedom of speech is another thing. spreading hate is another.
        With literacy rate as low as 57% do you really think the social media should be given free hand.

        • Talk to me about Law and Order when culprits of Model Town incident, Gullu Butt incident, and many other general public individuals, are brought to justice.

          There is no law and order in Pakistan. And there never will be. This country has only done better under a Dictatorship, which isn’t so bad given it has done so much for the general public (without giving two sh*ts about ‘international media’).

          Lastly, i also don’t advocate giving free hand to ANY kind of Media. But in all the present evils, Social Media is the lesser of all.

          • stay on topic. for that matter, open any news page on social media and enjoy indians with fake profiles creating fire between pathans and punjabis, balochs and afghans and what not.
            Freedom of speech is tool which is only used against Muslims and Pakistan in particular.
            Army public relations are the pillars we are treading on here. If army falls there is no one to be saved in our country.

            • You’re mistaken. I don’t advocate Freedom of Speech, just like i mentioned in one of my previous posts.

              I am merely pointing out the faults in current Cyber Crime Law. It’s only targeting puny people, while real culprits still stand, because they’re in power.

              • i agree to you here see. you have not taken political side here.
                There are wolves in sheep wool everywhere on the internet.
                There are gaps to be filled in Cyber Crime law.

            • You raised a point here, while debating with my Indian partners I came to know that this is so common now. 200 fake accounts on social media and you can start a war.
              Our TV channels who look for cheap news never forget to mention what is “treding” on social media.

              • totally agreed, there are thousands of fake accounts, they create such racist comments that even a cool minded person would turn against his brothers. This is simple form of proxy war

          • From your point I understand that as long as incidents you have mentioned culprits are not hanged all crime should be allowed. I can recall a similar stance was being advocated by a leader in recent years.

      • Its about criticizing army as institution which isn’t allowed by constitution. This isn’t about democracy or free of speech whereas later in every country has limits, it is not “m-d-r-pidar-azad”

  • Agar Real Main Anti Army Post Howi hai (Latka Do Live Media Pe) Next time Log Login Karne Pe Bhi Sochege
    Qanoon Pe Aamal to Karo at least Saza to Live Do ! Logo MAIN khuf to Paida ho

      • Jesi Awam, Wese Hukmaran.

        I am wiling to bet that for next 100 years, fate of this generation is sealed.

          • In 30+ years of my life, i have seen enough. Pakistani people are the worst when it comes to choosing their leaders. So my hope was lost the day i met ‘educated people’ making ignorant choices. And worse of all, not learning from their past mistakes.

            This Law is nothing. We have so many other laws and regulations which are not enforced in real terms. As in, people ‘above the law’ are always safe.

            • see, it’s a free country, every one has a choice to select his/her leader.
              We should do our part. After all country is changed when it’s people struggle.
              “hum khud isharay pai tu kharay hutay nahi aur ungli leaders par uthatay hain”

            • Even in common people whoever gets a chance does his best to misuse power, paisa and position. This is in our blood. Even those who claim to be against the system are actually part of it and support it to stand. We don’t have even a single leader to bring a genuine revolution, everyone is making false claims…no one is capable of it, in couple of years to come everyone will be badly exposed.

        • So if Imran or Zardari become next PM we shouldn’t expect our nation has changed in months ;)

    • Oh right. “Latka Do Live Media Pe” because they are expressing their opinion in a Democratic country. Because this country gives real justice to criminals or needy.


      • @abobobilly:disqus Bhai,
        Lafz IF Ka Ezafa Hai Post Main :
        Qanoon Banaya Gaya hai Sub K Liye : Jab Qanoon Toroge to Hath to Katwane Parege Na :
        Rahi Bat Opinion Ki To Media Pe A K Do Na

        • Jab aap ka “Qanoon” real culprits, corrupt and haram khor logon ko pakray ga, only then you can enforce your “Qanoon”.

          • Bhai Ab Hamari Police, Rangers, Army Another Forces Sub Minister K Hukum K Ghulam Hai :
            Insaaf to Pakistan Main Hai he Nahi Warna Ab talk YADAV Latak Gaya hota :

          • There are no “real” and fake corrupt…small or big corruption is the same as people do it as much as chance they get.

    • No khoof but responsibility.

      No general, judge, politician, journalist is a holy cow but institutions like courts, military, parliament are…pillar of a country. Journalists claim to be one pillar but as long as we have free of speech in reasonable limits we can’t call them a pillar I think :)

      • What it is, is another abuse of your beloved Cyber Law, which is being used to target random people who try to criticize (constructive, rant, harsh or otherwise) any person, institution of organization according to his/her own opinion. Because the current Government is “Gunda Badmash”. And they are allowed to do this.

        • This government still didn’t arrest people for criticizing it, no harassment of journalists like previous governments. We should judge it fairly without any political affiliation.

    • G wo doodh k dhulay hain. Govt. ki tarah …

      While the real fight is fought by low level ‘soldiers’, high ranking officials are no less political than actual politicians. However, at the end, Army always fights for the country. And that’s where it does it’s job well.

      • tu bahala batao kai low level ‘soldier’ apnay high ranked official kai baray mai kuch ghalat sunana chahe ga.

        • Oh, you’d be surprised to see off the record conversations of some. And i don’t blame them.

          • i won’t be surprised, but really it creates a bad air. i blame stupid media who paints every general as corrupt.

          • Do you know by saying this you will serve enemies’ agenda of weakening our dear institution ?

            In darbars this is common and welcomed, questions are raised but this is a normal tradition in army, not a new thing.

      • Wo jis rank tak poanchey uney thaal me sajha ke kisi ne nahi diya. Warna aj me aur aap bhi generall,kernel hotey

    • A simple line… “jo army ke khilaaf boley that person will be taken to trial”….can also decently serve the purpose of your writing.

  • Pakistan is a perfect example of a Security state. Any security state thrives on “Stockholm Syndrome”. The majority of Pakistan has Stockholm Syndrome.

  • I’m not defending PTI activists but question is people behind Dawn leaks deserve punishment first then these activists. Why they were silent over it?

    Why no law for Zardar asking “Eent say Eent baja de ge”?
    Why no law for Nehal Hashmi calling “Nawaz ka hasab leny walo hum tumhara youm e hasab bana de ge”?
    Why no law against anchors like Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi degrading Armed forces via their talk shows?

    • Pehly Yadav Ko to Latka De :

      Apni Law Choor Kar International Court Main Bheeg Mang Rahe Hai Laktane Ki Permission Do :

      Great Law & Great Pakistan.

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