PTCL Launches Charji LTE Services in AJK

PTCL today announced that it has launched its high speed Charji LTE service in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK).

With this launch, PTCL becomes the first operator offering Charji LTE services in the region.

Commenting on the launch, Adnan Shahid, PTCL’s Chief Commercial Officer said, “PTCL continues in its strive to build a digital future and we remain committed to introduce cutting edge technological solutions for our customers. Introduction of Charji LTE services in AJK shall bring new opportunities for households and businesses across the region, enabling our customers to enjoy high speed internet and remain connected all the time.”

In addition to AJK, PTCL Charji LTE is already available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad, and more cities will be launched in the near future, said a statement of issued by the company.

Just in case if you are wondering, Charji offers high speed connectivity which allows the customers to enjoy faster web browsing, HD video streaming, instantaneous music and picture downloads, uninterrupted online gaming sessions and much more.

CharJi Wingle (USB Powered Hotspot) and CharJi Cloud (battery powered MiFi) are sleek and pocket-friendly devices which connect up to 10 devices over WiFi.

The Charji packages start from Rs.1,000 per month with a maximum volume slab of 75 GB and cater to every need and lifestyle. Also, customers purchasing the CharJi device in Ramzan will get double the volume on every recharge for the next 6 months!

  • What about Gilgit Baltistan ? Only S COM works there….PTCL doesn’t even provide telephony services there. Aren’t they a part of Pakistan ?

      • Abdul Wahab which famous revenue city? did you mean yours? :)
        AJK still have no 3G/4G. I think your famous city is enjoying these services..
        for your kind inf, AJK is much bigger revenue generator than your famous city,…

    • bhai Gilgit Pakistan ka he hissa ha lakin agr gilgit me PTCL aa b gaya tu naa lagwana.
      ni tu etna zalil kary gy k fir khud kaho gy k bhai PTCL kun aya Gilgit me.

    • Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir are not Part of Pakistan , They are both Part of Former State of Jammu and Kashmir and still waiting for UN referendum to decide if they want to join Pakistan or India or remain a Free country

  • Charji is not available in Faisalabad. It has shut down over illegal spectrum issues more than an year ago.

  • getting 17 mbps in mirpur on charji finally- pleasntly surprised to see my charji device work in ajk as i was roaming. y have all other operators forsaken ajk? good on u ptcl

  • Hang on a minute guys, uptill 2005 earthquake, as far as Telecom services are concerned, SCO served AJK and Northern Areas (Now Gilgit Biltistan) and PTCL the rest of Pakistan exclusively, they did not hold licenses to provide service in each other territories.

    PTCL still only have license for WLL and landlines services for AJK region and not Gilgit Biltistan.

  • Tum lhog baatein kar lo, I bet no one from ajk here talking. Demagh kharab ho gaya sirf dsl istamal karte its great blessing 2 have charji here in ajk. Receiving 12 Mbps consistent outdoors with their zte device in bhimber. Shame on other telcos for taking so long and still no solution

  • Gotta give credit where it’s due. Not a fan of their dsl but my charji works great and even though they have no competition in ajk they’re giving double volume instead of charging high tariffs. I got 20 gb package in thousand rupees monthly. And only 2,200 for their battery device from market .

  • Charji service has much improved and stable now. It rarely goes down now. Haters can fly away.

  • The Charji packages start from Rs.1,000 per month with a maximum volume slab of 75 GB.

    I have NEVER in my life seen such a political writer. The Rs. 1,000 per month has ONLY 10 GB, and the 75GB one is for Rs. 2,500.

    Bhai aap jo koi bhi ho, ProPK main apni ungliyaan kyun ghiss rahay ho? Siyasat join karo.. Sab hi parties ko aap jaise danishmand shakhs ki zaroorat hai for such gol mol words, showing incomplete pictures. Waise bhi election aanay waala hai, achi kamayi ho jaye gi. Kisi ko zyada pasand aa gaye to maybe agli assembly main MNA ya MPA ban jao.

  • I have never seen a worse 4G service in my life. They’re telling to provide 4G but for the past week since I bought this device in Mirpur Azad Kashmir I have been complaining to them everyday and they have not done anything and when I call them they just drop the call when they have got no answer or act like they cant hear u. If u cant provide services then stop advertising shit. I’d never recommend PTCL services to any of my family n friends. Crap internet services with poor customer support.

    • I had the worst experience with Charji Wingle in Rawalpindi (Even though I was supposed to get coverage). At first, the device would only connect to CDMA1xRevA which was pathetic. I was getting less than 1MB downloads. CSR was unable to understand the concept of LTE and why i needed it. So I called some of my friends at PTCL and they did something then LTE got enabled but speeds were still slow.
      So i wrote up an email to [email protected] and they sent me a form to fill which I did and then subsequently I got a call and i explained them the signal issue, network issue and low speeds. They said they are going to check the coverage and signal problem in my area,

      After a day or two, signal bar got boosted from 1/4 or 2/4 bars to 3/4 bars. On top of that I got an TS9 antennae from ALiExpress which significantly improved PING and download speeds. Now I get 7-10MB download bandwidth at night and 2-5MB downlooad bandwidth during the day

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