Dubai Ends 90-Day Visa for Pakistanis

As of today, the Dubai administration has terminated the 90 day tourist visa option for Pakistanis. Along with Pakistanis, the new rule change also applies to the citizens of Philippines.

Reportedly, a memo was circulated by Dubai Immigration to all travel agencies informing them to stop accepting applications for 90 day tourist visas for people holding the two aforementioned nationalities.

The new rule has come into effect from 1st June 2017. Pakistani and Filipino nationals will only be allowed to apply for 14 day or 30 day tourist visas, stated the memo.

Any applications made by 31st May will still be considered valid and will be processed under the regular rules and regulations. Pakistanis or Filipinos who are already holding a 90 day visa also don’t need to worry for now as the visa is still considered valid until it expires.

Pakistani and Filipino nationals will only be allowed to apply for 14 day or 30 day tourist visas, stated the memo.

An official from a travel agency in Dubai stated:

“We are not sure whether this is a temporary or permanent stop. As of now we have been instructed not to accept applications. There is a possibility that we process the applications through another Emirate but that will definitely mean higher restrictions and would be more costly”.

Update: UAE Embassy Denies 90-Days Visa Ban for Pakistanis

It should be mentioned here that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) toughened its visa policies for Pakistanis, especially for official and diplomatic passport holders, during the latter part of November.

Interestingly enough, the strictness for Pakistanis comes just as UAE makes rules for Indians and Israelis more lenient. UAE has increased leniency towards Indians, who can now avail visa-on-arrival if they have US visas. Citizens of Israel are now being offered visa-free stays in the UAE.

Looking to travel to Dubai soon? How do you feel about these new rules? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Abbas Siddiqui

    Big loss for Zardari and Dar family :)

    • Ali Salman

      Silly comment. They don’t go on visit visas. Don’t go political on every topic.

      Indians are getting special treatment because UAE is heavily investing in India and UAE is now having its big investment in India.

      UAE is not having ideal relations with Pakistani governments since last two decades, we should know this.

      Though Pakistanis are heavily investing in UAE (for whitening of money specially) like Indians and such investments are welcomed but UAE knows that 90% of this investment is black money.

      • Rajesh Rao

        As India rises, expect this lopsided treatment (of Pak compared to Ind) to occur more frequently and more deeply. For what you have seen in the 4 or 5 years is just the beginning of India’s rise.
        Concomitant with India’s rise, Pakistan will fall harder still. For Pak also, this is just the beginning, in the opposite direction. Needlessly making enemies of the US was a very unwise thing to do.
        This is not meant to be a curse, or a putdown, just a description of things as they appear.

  • Asif Siddiqui


    • Ahmad

      Because Wahabi love Israel, USA and India but not Pakistan

      • asdaa

        UAE is not wahhabi .

        • Zeeshan Ali

          Sb wahabi hn

        • Syed Kashif Shahab

          How dare u use f word with the great name of Allah…. U must be satanic barailvi…. Ala ibleesi hazrat ka ibleesi chaila

          • Self Loathing Liberal

            Syed is a big man!!!! More like a coward who wouldn’t fight for his ISIS brothers. More like a dog licking his balls and sniffing azzzz.

        • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

          Please do not use forum for hate speech against others. They will call you kafirs and you will call them. Left this matter to Allah.

      • fonephreak

        keep religion out of it ignorant prick

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        Kia firqa parastani logic hai.
        Laanat ho aisi soch per.

        • Ali Salman

          Unko Quran ma kia likha ha ye to pata nahe fatway de rahy han kufar ky.

          • Basit Hoorain

            ap ne thek bola yar kis ko be malooom nahe kon theek hy Allah sab janta hy or kis ko be ap kafir mt karo yar

          • Muhammed Ovais Alam

            bhai konsa fatwa day dia maine?

      • Ali Salman

        Where is moderator ? Such stupid comments about a sect should be allowed?

        • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

          exactly i was thinking the same where is moderator. Chingari chaye Pakistani awam ko bus sulga do aur yeh larne shuru. Respect others they will respect you.

      • Syed Kashif Shahab

        Uae main moloodun nabi hota hai… Woh wahabi nahi

        • Talal

          Rashid al makhtoom Maliki maslak se taluq rakhta hey. Par Dubai ki royal family ka haqeeqat main koi deen iman nhi. Dubai main night clubs aur pubs aam hain.

      • Talal

        Who is wahabi? Answer me rightly ape brain

    • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

      maybe Pak didnt send the forces to Yemen.

    • Waqas

      Because pakistan is a banana Republic of shit!

  • ZAB

    Dekh terey raaj main kia hora hai “oyee Nawa Sharif”!

  • Saud Bin Farooq

    When our Nation is confused about its own identity and has a crisis of faith in itself, along with politicians who are almost considered to be deities but turn beggars as soon their feet touch foreign soil, why would anyone be concerned about the well-being of such a hypocritical nation and its relations.. What has happened to us..

  • Ahmad

    Interestingly enough, the strictness for Pakistanis comes just as UAE makes rules for Indians and Israelis more lenient. UAE has increased leniency towards Indians, who can now avail visa-on-arrival if they have US visas. Citizens of Israel are now being offered visa-free stays in the UAE.

    • Furqan

      yahoodi and hindus rocks …pakistani muslim sucks…

    • Geekpk

      u cant enter UAE on israeli passport. stop smoking chars in ramzan.

  • Good Decision :
    Sahi Hai 90 kO 15 & 30 Days Pe Allow Kiya Hai :

    • Jaun Raza

      Isreal aur india ko asaani di hai read it again, thori se himat wahabi takffirion kay khalaf bolnai ki b rakhlo al bakistanion,sirf chataty he raho gay.

      • Ye Ghalat Howa : UAE Ko Aisa Nahi Karna Chahyah tha !

        • dharmender

          its partiality,
          but now a days pakistan is being terrorism country. its great step for security against terror.

          • Yeah But Pakistani Jobless Jo Job Dhondne Jate Hai Un K Lye Achi Khabar Nahi Hai
            Any Way New Article Mutabik Ye News Fake hai

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        Waise Iran main Pakistaniyoun (Sunniyoun) ki bari izzat hai aur bari araam se aana jana krletay hain woh.

        • Jaun Raza

          acha mujhe nahe pata tha kabi gaya nahe iran. mainai to souna hai wo india ka ziyada dost aur qareeb hai.

          lakien haan UAE aur gulf key countries mien raha houn to andaza hai wahan kia haal kertai haien humhara. israel aur trump ko jo so called msulim mumalik apnai aqa maan laien un kay liye lant bi thori hai.

    • Bukhari Baba

      Bhaijaan jo log job dhundne jatay hai aur wahan paidal chal ke jobs dhundtey hai un ke liye ye buri khaber hai qki aik month mai toh job nai milni,,, time lagta hai aur sara paisa kharch kr ke wapis berogari ke sath aa jatay hai ,,,,These mother fuckers, illiterate people making rules just for poor countries, I hate these bloody UAE countries like saudi arab, qatar etc where Arabians are making rules.

      • Transit Visa Condition Pe Allow Kare K Ap Srif Holiday Ya Job Dhond Sakte Ho :
        Koi Investment Nahi Kar Sakte

      • Talal

        Oye pakhundi babey, hajj umrah karne na jaen Saudi Arab wahan wahabiyon ka kabza hey. Lanat teri poori barelvi nasal par.

        • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

          please dont spread hate. Respect elders. Ramzan ka he khyal karlo.

  • Umar Farooq

    Quaid-e-Azam dekho aj apna pakistan :P

    • Ali Salman

      Please do not mention your name after Quaid e Azam’s name.

      • Askarian


  • Farhan Habib

    kahan kahan zaleel hona baqi reh gaya hai under NS governance :-(

    • Ali Salman

      You are completely ignorant. Avoid commenting when you know sh*t.

  • Kamran

    Good initiative.

  • asad

    Dubai should totally ban Pakistani for visas
    if they ban visa then Pakistani will seriously think about Pakistan future

    • Xahid

      Pakistani still think about future of Pakistan, its the lamer govt. who just think about themselves.
      Look at the govt. of dubai, how they work and how they facilitate their peoples, thats why everyone want to live their, no matter even the weather is like hell.

      • Ali Salman

        This has nothing to do with government, its their policy and inclination towards India, world politics is changing.

  • shahid

    Sea pack par hati hui hay UAE apni frustration kahin to niakalengay , a big loss for those who are planning for job hunting in UAE.

    • kashif

      yes that’s it. Wait n See, these who are banning Pakistan and restricting Pakistan will come soon.. Every Dog has a Day..

  • Zeeshan Ali

    hamen chahiye k ham UAE jana hi band kr den,

  • AB Rehman

    Citizens of Israel are now being offered visa-free stays in the UAE.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    And all those ‘black kapray walay’ people came here to express their hate against other sects.

    • Sadly these black kapray walay have to face everyone’s hatred in this country

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        Don’t say ‘everyone’.
        Me and a number of people I know really respect their (real) leaders.
        Their ‘Zaakir’ and religious scholar are famous for spreading hatred too.

        • May be their leaders but no the people. I could feel how much you RESPECT them from your comments

          • Muhammed Ovais Alam

            I REPLIED after reading THEIR comments and THEIR RESPECT for other sects.

            • So, you assume sects by reading comments? And spill out the hate you are hiding inside?

              • Muhammed Ovais Alam

                LOL! Do you even read?
                I have NOT expressed any hate towards anyone in my previous comment.

                • Haif sad haif!!

                  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

                    افسوس صد افسوس

        • Talal

          What did Zakir say ape brain?

          • Muhammed Ovais Alam

            Exactly what you’re saying above. This is the hate those Aholes are creating.

  • A K

    Well u can have everything in UAE, its just another Modern country, but if it happens in Pakistan its against Islam or against our values. Our problem is both our Civilian and armed Forces institutions .. both are equal to be blamed in the mess we have…

  • Ali Salman

    How more jahil you can be?

    • Kamal Anwar Chishti

      and how you more ALIM pls explain. Why Saudis and UAE wahabi loves Israel USA and Indians. Dear Alim o Fazil can you explain. you would have no answer i know???

  • Xahid

    Just like We Pakistani Sunni Loves Indian Hinduism and Americanism ?

  • Askarian

    Their country their rules. Just like one day England will follow suit and block Pakistanis. We need to understand the political landscape is changing worldwide. We have more enemies than friends. They don’t want us staying their taking their jobs. Fair enough. Just my two cents.

  • Jawad

    Seem fake news. Gulfnews and khaleej times have not reported this news.
    Propakistani is posting news without verification.

    • Jawad

      Dubai ends or UAE ends 90 days visa?
      UAE is having 7 states. Dubai is one of them.
      Pro Pakistani is posting a fake news without proper knowledge.

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri


  • shahbaz

    Totally fake news.. confirmed from embassy.Propakistani kch to sharam kro..rating kay chakar mai kch bh likh jatay ho

  • Waheed

    Please stop spreading fake news!!! If you making fake news then don’t say sorry in next posts..pakistani

  • shahbaz

    Such baseless allegations against m that they have done this and that.. there isn’t any sort of 90 days ban. Grow up man.. PRO pakistani Shame on you

  • you guys are again spreading false news just for the sake of some views. Never visiting this site again.

  • UAE embassy terms news of visa restriction ‘propaganda’, demands action

  • Zee

    Pro Pakistani has turned into a click bait website. Quality and content is out the window. No research is done, and no credibile source is referred to.

    • aamir7

      Are you serious?

  • Al Hasanat Rasul

    Incorrect story as the Emirates government denied any such decision

  • Faheem Ahmed

    uae love sindia why :(

  • mohsin malik

    This is totally false news, I wish the poster had verified it before putting it up.
    I dont understand why we always compare everything with India.

    I got a 90day visa after 1st June for 90 days.