Official: Punjab Just Made Internet a Lot More Expensive

Punjab government has officially decided to make all sorts of internet, 3G, 4G, DSL or any other form of internet, more expensive by imposing a whooping 19.5 percent sales tax, we have checked.

While Dr. Ayesha Bukhsh, Finance Minister for Punjab, didn’t mention this new tax in her budget speech, we can confirm that all sorts of internet will be taxed in Punjab at a flat sales tax rate of 19.5%.

Another 14% tax is already being deducted for Internet services across Pakistan. This will take the entire taxes on Internet to around 35 percent. That is roughly one third of the total price.

Students in Punjab, who use Internet below Rs. 1,500 per month, are exempted from this newly imposed sales tax.

Officials of mobile phone companies confirmed with ProPakistani about the new tax and said that this measure goes against the government’s digital Pakistan ambitions.

New taxes will be applicable from July 1st, 2017.

With this, Pakistan has become one of the only few countries where Internet is taxed.

It must be noted here that Punjab had previously imposed the same tax in 2014 but had withdrawn it after facing backlash.

It won’t be out of place to mention here that Pakistan added 40 million new Internet users during past three years. It is feared that this new tax will put caps on such exponential growth rates and will badly impact the country’s economy.

Punjab houses over 50 percent population of Pakistan and 56 percent of Pakistan’s Internet users reside in the province.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

    • Rest of the provinces have been charging tax from ages. But it surely exposing Noora League’s real face.

      • Bikao maal hy propakistani, they even not mentioning that their father Imran khan as well as other provinces are the main culprits here!!! Amir Aata duty is just to raise all sorts of news against Punjab. Why you live in Punjab then??? Goto place where you should be.

        • Actually all development is ONLY happening in Punjab. KPK and Sindh have full thand program :) In Balochistan only federal govt is working.

            • I am monitoring. The lives of pathans are miserable in KP. But it’s their love for Punjab that they made a punjabi (imran khan) their ruler.

            • Mr. Techie, it takes you guys second to cross all limits. Some flaws in upbringing or what ? I might be of your father’s age or at least elder bro, and this “patwari” is more educated than those like you who studied behind schools.

              Difference of opinion doesn’t mean you try to sh*t on someone’s head.

              • Stop assuming someone’s age. Wish you had a better upbringing and moral values to call spade a spade. Alas! it seems you come from a background which does not allow you to differentiate between good and bad. Hence, supporting a party with no vision whatsoever. Or may be you are an expat who hardly bothers to look at the issues and problems of a common Pakistani.

                • Your comments, manners and intellect shows your age. Vision without implementation remains vision which every Pakistani has who feels for his country not just one who stands on container delivering surmons when his own life is full of contradictions, lies, illegitimacy and intolerance. Party you support has shown the vision in KPK already as a pilot project for Pakistanis but blind followers who can only ridicule others just for political differences, name them Patwaris, mottugang, and what not have been doing the same (if other side has no moral values to call spade a spade).

                  If you differ from anyone DEBATE but don’t use slangs, ridicule other side (no street language) as if your intention is to convince other side you can’t if you will keep on doing this.

                  When in 2013 I took a flight just to vote for Imran no one gave me names, today when I have no intention to vote for him people like you call me call me Patwari.

                  I have my business in Pakistan as well so I frequently travel and for interest on Pakistani politics I keep myself not just updated, I experience common lifestyle there every 2nd month.

                  • I can see your manner and intellect after going through your comments on this thread. Supporting people who rigged the elections and are the most corrupt people in the country shows how good is your upbringing :)

                    Sitting abroad and talking about Pakistan does not suit you at all. You have to be here in KPK to see the vision and its implementation.

                    And seriously you can never understand the problems of a common man. These problems are beyond these metros and roads.

              • Mr. Ali Salman, never fight with a fool, they will beat you by bringing down on to their mentality (i.e. imraniat urff Mental Khan).

              • wohi dollar jis ka panama me zikr hy???
                raseedan nikalwao apny leadaron se or apni maryam baji se bhi confirm karo k uski kahan kahan property hy or yeh bhi pooch leja sajan jandal uska konsa wala taaya lagta hy

                • I won’t respond to your street language but one thing.. My rizq is Alhamdollah halal, your certificate isn’t required.

                  • chacha g, mainay apsay raseedain nikalny ka nahi kaha. mujhy yaqeen hy k aap Alhamdulilah Halaal kamaty or khaty hongy, lekin jinko defend kar rahy ho or apna leader bulaty ho unse raseedain nikalwany me madad to kar sakty ho na?

              • Ali Salman brother let them go below as they wish. Because they have chosen their leader who uses abusive language, that’s why his followers use this type of language and we can easily judge the party affiliation owing to their language. There are so many people in that party who are also included in the Panama case. Some dehari dar they have left here for the advertising Imraniyat.

                • govt tumhary leader ki hy, jiska naam hy usko pakar kar paisay wapas q nahi laata?
                  or zardari ko ghaseet kar us se paisa bhi kisi ny nahi nikalwaya…
                  kuch sharam hoti hy, koi haya hoti hy, koi ghairat hoti hy….

              • Aaap ZAB ki Baji ko bhoool gai, bechari sari raat practice karti hai TABDEELI lanay ki liye, phir ja kar kehien ZAB ko Banni Gala say Rs. 200 return hotay hian woh jo yeh Rs. 100 apnay aur apni Baji ke deposit karwatay hain.

            • lekin ZAB aap ki dihari mari gai, chaloo aap Bhao Bhao kar loo………..ha ha ha

        • Kool down. On one Hand Chotu Sharif’s government claims big being a tech friendly Govt and giving lollipops to people in shape of laptops and free wifi Hotspots where they are making kickbacks and on other hand taxing the masses and making this need more expensive. And also tell me what happened with those mechanical tandoors and peeli taxi things?

        • Aaamir MOTU ka wazan itna hai ke utha kar phainka mushkil hai, isliye Crane lani parray gi Banni Gala say. ha ha ha

      • I can unequivocally confirm that Sindh doesnt’ charge 19% or any % duty on less than 4mb broadband packages. Im using 2mb for coupla years now. So yeah
        but what will happen in next Sindh budget!!! who knows…….

        • Yes, but that’s only for broadband till 4 mb, and that only happened in current running budget. Before it was charged on all packages. And still being charged on packages with more than 4 mb amount or above Rs.2000. But Sindh province does have tax on Internet with little exception.

  • All telecom companies should join hand and boycott this tax we people are with telecom companies on this we will provide you all moral support.

    • Bhai agar tax lgy ga tu awam py lgay ga jisy telecom companies ny deduct krna hy wo ap ky sath kyun join hands Krein gi

      • Because otherwise they’re going to lose consumers, they spent a fortune deploying 3G/4G services just a couple years ago, they still haven’t made back that money so I’m all likelihood, they’d be opposed to this tax.

  • Laptop de ke internet mehnga karna ye kaha ki danashmandi hai, ye government Pakistan ko kuch nahi de sakti sirf vote ke liye kuch kaam kar leta hai, inme leadership vision nahi hai.

  • WTF ??? 14% already and 19.5% more are these ganaj going nuts ?? so my internet charges were 1000 rs i was already paying 1145 (including 14.5 WHT now 19.5% extra which will be 195 PKR so in total i have to pay 1340 instead of 1145 .. :@:@:@

    • 1500 Rs and below are not affected. But if your package cost is 1500 PKR and then on top of that you have a an ****** Freedom package along with 250 line rent + GST and CLI, your bill climbs beyond 2200 Rs per month then yes.. you will be affected!

  • On one side Punjab government promoting e-rozgar scheme to train freelancer and on other side imposing more taxes on internet usage instead they should decrease taxes to motivate people they’re increasing it.

  • Lets all raise our voice against this tax (Amir bhai lets start a petition here), the govt instead of taxing the untaxed sectors is putting burden on those that are already paying taxes. There is no way a comon man who is below the tax filer limit can get back the withholding tax ,and now this sales tax is added.HUH

    But that had to happen how will they fund their orange , train taxis and the cable transport.

    One part of the world is trying to make internet a basic necessity and here they are tying noose around it.

  • No worries Mr. Umar Saif will take care of it like last time and get some appreciation :)

  • Fiber to the home penetration is less than 1%. New companies such as Multinet Optix, Nayatel, CyberStorm and Transworld who are providing revolutionary unlimited broadband at high speeds 30 and 60 mbps will now suffer and slow down.

    Honorable Minister could have atleast exempt fiber or fixed line. But if she were that smart would she be minister in a PMLN government? By the way, why is Mr. Umar Saif so silent????? Did he really go to MIT for his academics? Doesn’t he know in USA Internet is not taxed at all and country like pakistan that lags in Internet is highest tax in the world! Maybe his parents should ask MIT for refund because clearly he has not learnt what is important. Will such people in Punjab Government actually help bridge digital divide of Punjab and Pakistan?

  • jo loan Har Pakistani nay lay rakha hai imf world bank sai, wo hum government Walon nay wapis bhe karna hota hai. ap log tax dainay Sai gabratay kyun ho.

    • Kioun kay ap tax or rishwat khanay say nahi ghabratay is lia ham daynay say ghabratay hain

  • Why you didn’t mention that KPK and Sindh is already charging this tax? Why such love for PTI and PPP?

  • I can see such speculation, predictions by ProPakistan which later don’t prove right and then no one is sorry for this. If I am not wrong such taxes already are in place in KPK and Sindh.

    • Han tou har sawal pe tou kehtey ho u r under Zardari rule. So ab Zardari kyun ban raha hai Chotu? Aur tum kyun golathiyaan maar rahy ho us k Zardari ban’nay pe? Kehtey ho k KP aur Sindh main already tax hai. Haan hai magar tumhara Tayya Jan tou bohat acha hai tou kyun taxes laga raha hai un ko copy kar k?

      • Avoid commenting on my comments as you first really need to learn some manners. I can reply you in the same tone but I will restrain as much as possible.

        • You let no opportunity to praise n defend Sharif twins which a nonpaid person never do for free. So i have much doubt abt ur position n neutrality.

          • Faeda ni is s behas ka. Peeche or bi posts pr comments kiay hain pr unka jwb ni mila kbi in sahab se. Dafa karain.

      • Aap k aaqa jan tax lagain to aap k leader aur agar koi aur lgaiy to wo Tayya. Yeh khula tazad hay.

  • Jahiliyat. If some literate people would have been in the govt, they would have never come up with this new tax when a similar tax is already being collected on the same connection.

    Yahan say inka vision pata chalta hai. Had hai yaar. Now we will have to pay overall 34 percent tax on internet. They do not know how much foreign exchange people are bringing in this country using same internet.

      • See you really need to confront your parents, you have serious upbringing problem, why you have to be rude to everyone? You are too much frustrated, say all this to people in real life and face the consequences. It is so easy behind the screen.

        • N u seem a problematic child, at one side you are trying to be decent and saying u would refrain from replying me as much as possible but on other hand you are poking ur nose everywhere. Look again that uncle is not Nawaz Sharif ur Godfather or tayya abu that u suddenly came in defensive mode as usual. I just replied to his comment for the sake of comment.

  • Indirect taxes should be reduced and govts should focus on income tax. Non-filers must be jailed straight away and their bussiness taken over. One such example would ensure that everyone will start paying taxes.

  • “It is feared that this new tax will put caps on such exponential growth rates and will badly impact the country’s economy.”

    It will not happen.

  • Internet in pakistan is not so expensive as compared to some other countries

  • We are going to stop this service. It is difficult to pay extra 35% taxes!

  • PTCL Has implemented this 19.5% also to Islamabad residents and saying tax is applied on all, not only on Punjab. WTH!

  • I think pakistani government just want that nation will die. They dnt use net through which they are not able to attempt discusions on social media
    Hate the rules hate government hate taxes

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